Dear voting idiot ………

imagesVHB587YWSeveral years ago when I was working in financial services, we learnt that a banking competitor had sent out a letter to their high net worth clients, encouraging them to invest more money with the bank. However the version of the letter that went out was not one that had been properly mail merged and in the space where the name of the client was intended to be, the clearly envious author had left in their own text which was Dear Rich Bastard. As soon as the letters arrived presumably several people had their P45s hand delivered!

The same won’t be the case as a result of the email I have just received, partly because the offence is much more subtle, and partly because in the world of party politics over reaching on promises or achievements is much more often rewarded than criticised. Late last night I received an email purporting to have come from Douglas Alexander, fresh from his campaigning in Scotland. I have put a short section in bold type :


Last night, we won a tough, historic fight to keep our country together. Now, it’s up to all of us to be part of the fight to change it. Millions of us — not just in Scotland, but in England and Wales too — are frustrated, angry and appalled at the way this Tory government has run our country. It’s time to be done with them. It’s time to be done with the bedroom tax. It’s time to be done with growing food bank queues. It’s time to be done with this government that only cares about a privileged few at the top.

Its not that I disagree with the sentiments of changing this Government, but it is pure arrogant nonsense to suggest that just because the Labour Party were predominantly on the No side of the argument, that they won it. Indeed there were many Labour party members who were on the Yes side of the debate. A more truthful reflection might be that along with the Tories, Labour narrowly avoided losing the vote by promising a great deal more power, something they could have agreed to years ago. The vote was in any case very close and as with all elections, Politicians may have run good campaigns, but the public decide. We are not putty to be moulded or land to be fought over. Arguably the closeness of the result shows how effective the Yes campaign really was. Douglas, we are not voting idiots and if my views are anything to go by, you could do better if you changed the tone of the letters that the office writes on your behalf.

For the record Douglas, my own vote will go to someone who if elected as my MP will deny the Tories a seat, but for the first time in a general election, it will also be someone who will deny Labour a seat too. I will vote for credible Independent if one stands because I believe that Parliament needs more strong Independent voices to be heard. If as I suspect an Independent doesn’t stand, my vote will go to Caroline Lucas who has been a good constituency MP so far and who I know will continue to challenge the Government, irrespective of which party wins. Unless of course Douglas you change your attitude and work with any Green and Independent MPs that are elected to form a Government that represents the views of more than just Labour voters. That would be a real change wouldn’t it. That might get you closer to the place where many of the voters are at in their desire as the Scots so effectively showed, to bring to an end the Westminster Punch and Judy show once and for all!

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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