Chlorine washed chickens come home to roost

downloadIts fascinating to hear from Brexiteers who having strongly advocated our departure from the EU and argued vociferously that we need to have control of our borders and national sovereignty, how they plan to fix the holes in the roof that our departure will create. The ex UKIP, Tory MP for South Thanet Craig Mackinlay has in the last few hours explained that the gap in our agricultural capacity which has been created by EU seasonal workers who have taken our decision as an indication that they must look elsewhere for work, should be filled by unemployed men from Glasgow who have cycled down to the South Coast and East Anglia. Apparently Mr Mackinlay believes that an incentive for male Glaswegians to cycle 450 miles is that there will be attractive EU female workers still at work in the fields. He has not explained how female agricultural workers will be incentivised to remain as migrant workers when the borders are closed. This comes after a speech this June in the House of Commons when he said “May I pay tribute to the Prime Minister for confirming, once more, that the Conservatives will fulfil the delivery of the referendum result of control of our laws, borders and money?” 

The other recent intervention by a well known Brexiteer comes from Bernard Jenkin who regularly speaks on the Radio about how important it is for us to achieve a clean break from the EU. Bernard is now advocating that we offer a visa deal to EU musicians. Presumably like his colleague in South Thanet, the MP for Harwich and North Essex will find some way of persuading such folk to visit our nation after we have bolted the door to all of their friends and relatives. It seems as though Mr Jenkin and Mr Mackinlay are finally understanding that their actions will impact our nation on many levels. We will undoubtedly be much worse off culturally and agriculturally once we have left the EU, and indeed there are strong indications that this impact is already being felt. Of course no doubt messrs Mackinlay and Jenkin will hide behind the fact that it was their electors who made the decision. The problem with that is that as Parliamentarians, their role is to provide leadership for the nation and these issues should have been aired before the referendum.

Now that Jacob Rees Mogg and Daniel Hannan have been arguing for Chlorine washed chickens to be imported from the USA, it is only a matter of time before they come home to roost, along with the issues that are concerning Craig and Bernard.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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2 Responses to Chlorine washed chickens come home to roost

  1. Chlorine is used in hotel and public swimming pools and in our water supply,in Bedfordshire the local authority is forcibly medicating people by adding fluoride to the water supply.
    Thankfully I live in Hertfordshire but even there we have to endure water which is contaminated with estrogens which change the sex of fish and affect ,along with Bisphenol A in plastics,the production of testosterone.
    You need to look at that as well as the possibility of chlorine washed chicken.

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