MP who ignores democracy to achieve his objectives

Rees MoggListening to Jacob this morning on Radio 4 it seems perfectly clear that he has no real interest in the truth providing we can leave the EU at whatever cost it will incur for us. When asked if a ‘no deal’ arrangement will damage the economy he suggested that the WTO (World Trade Organisation) rules will not be a challenge for us as a nation, apart from the fact that we will struggle to export to the EU. This is despite the fact that WTO rules will not protect us from the issues which over many year the EU has sought to achieve and they will not facilitate our use of air travel over the European Continent or the sharing of data between police forces or the resources needed to explore space travel etc. However his big damaging statement was to argue that because the Conservatives won the 2015 election on a mandate to hold a referendum, and then that we as a nation voted to leave the EU in the referendum and then that because both Labour and Tories had manifesto policies to leave and that we as a nation voted extensively for the two parties, that there is therefore a clear mandate to leave on whatever terms the Conservatives can achieve and no further referendum is needed.

It is deeply disturbing for any politician to suggest they know why anyone other than themselves votes for any given person or party, particularly as our votes may be for both the MP and the party or indeed the MP even though we have more confidence in another party and its policies, or for a party we support even though the parties local candidate is lacking credibility. Even if the reason for our vote was clear in terms of the person and or party, to then be able to clarify which policies a voter supports and which they are deeply opposed to is hard to do when one is considering ones own views, let alone someone or some people  who the politician has never met, let alone spent enough time with to understand their numerous concerns and motivations.

As Jacob will know in 2015 a total of 11.3m people voted Conservative Party, of whom Jacob probably knows a few hundred reasonably well at best. To state how many were in support of the Referendum would be impossible and of course that ignores the fact that 29.5m people voted for other parties that did not support a referendum and 15.6m chose not to vote at all!

The referendum numbers are equally well known with 17.4m voting for and 16.1m voting against and 12.9m not voting at all.

Finally we have the 2017 General Election which saw 26.5m voting for the two main parties and 14.6m people not voting at all. If Jacob would not know how many of the 11.3m who voted two years earlier were in favour of the referendum, he would be even more ignorant of what views the 12.9m people who voted Labour have over Brexit.

However if he is so confident, that all 82.3% of the voters who voted Tory and Labour are in support of Brexit, then he would surely call for a Referendum that ensures a clear and much higher percentage of supporters are in favour of leaving the EU than were in support of remaining in the EEC in 1975! This would also fulfil his demand for a second referendum made in 2011!


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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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