We have no confidence in Parliament

theresaWhilst the vote results regarding Her Majesty’s Government have given Theresa May and her Cabinet the opportunity to continue with their ‘plans’ it seems time for the public to be given an opportunity to raise their concerns that irrespective of which of the two large parties holds the majority of the votes that our Parliament is no longer fit for purpose. One of the elements of last nights debate was the appalling behaviour of MPs from a range of parties acting as though the louder they shouted whilst others were speaking, the better they would be respected by those of us who are concerned enough to watch their antics. We are facing a future which is looking less credible with each day that passes as we approach the 29th March and it is clear that the promises by Theresa May and her colleagues mean very little. A few words by Nigel Dodds of the DUP sum up what is missing from the Government and the Labour Party, even though we clearly need the opportunity to revisit whether we are to leave at all in the light of the true implications of leaving the EU and the failure by our Government to set out realistic plans for our departure let alone our journey outside of the EU.

ND: May I say, however, that the confidence and supply arrangement is of course built upon delivering Brexit on the basis of our shared priorities, and for us that is the Union, and we want to deliver Brexit, taking back control of our laws, our borders and our money, and leave the European Union as one country? Let us work in the coming days to achieve that objective.

and the same is true of some of the words from Theresa May.

TM: I am pleased that the House has expressed its confidence in the Government tonight. I do not take this responsibility lightly, and my Government will continue their work to increase our prosperity, guarantee our security and strengthen our Union…..The House has put its confidence in this Government. I stand ready to work with any Member of the House to deliver on Brexit, and to ensure that this House retains the confidence of the British people.

The Vice Chair of the Conservative Party, Helen Grant stated.

HG: In order to seize those opportunities as we leave the EU, this House and our country need to come together. That will require determination, effort, spirit and compromise—from us all. We need to treat each other with more respect and work harder to understand the different points of view.

It seems clear that there is no prospect of the House and the country coming together and of people being treated with respect unless MPs from all parties begin to act in a very different manner to the way in which they have been working since the last General Election and indeed since the 24th June 2016 (or arguably since the referendum was made possible back in December 2015). If they want the people and the Commons to come together then they need to enable the people to play a part in working out where to go next and that is not merely a need for them to tell us all what we are thinking in such a patronising and arrogant manner!

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