A border is a border, with or without technology

Border IssuesThe chaos we can see in Parliament in the light of Theresa May’s latest visits to Northern Ireland needs to be resolved by the people who organised the 2016 referendum claiming it would lead to our nation finding agreement on our future. These people must get a grip with the idea that taking control of borders means very different things to different people as indicated in the two images above. Because many of them supported a campaign that claimed they would offer border control to our nation, they now need to begin to resolve the conflict they have within their community of 650 people who are paid very well to carry out our work. We have politicians who claim that by leaving the EU we would take back our sovereignty, even though some of them claim that the immigration issues as outlined in the poster above are not what is needed and indeed it will be deeply threatening to our economy. Of course others believe that this UKIP designed poster is exactly what they want. Then there are others who have persuaded the HMRC that for the first 18 months after our departure they won’t hold up vehicles arriving in the UK, conveniently ignoring that when the 18 months is up we will be back to a chaotic economy. Then we have others who argue that a border across Ireland will be a technical border such as the border into central London and that they will use technology to track down people and vehicles so that the people crossing the border each day won’t be held up. However this does not resolve the real reasons why the Irish border led to murder and violent conflict. How often will people from the British HMRC arrive in a Belfast or other Northern Irish location to challenge the people who are suspected of transferring goods or people across the border before guns will be brought out and the violence will occur just not in the border region. The real bizarre element here is that Northern Ireland which to date can only be connected to the UK by ships or planes won’t countenance a border arrangement across the Irish Sea whereas they are willing to accept that the border between their villages needs to be reinstated and are part of the same group of people who expect companies to accept that an 18month delay in hard borders between Dover and Calais will resolve all of the problems which we have been trying to understand for the last 32 months. Of course many people who voted to Leave and many who vote to Remain did not expect these issues to emerge which is why a new and different form of referendum is now vital.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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