John Hayes MP was 109 days early

ACOBAWhen John Hayes claimed that on the 5th January 2019 he was starting work for a Charitable Foundation and that he would promote their charitable work for a £1,333 a day it raised a number of questions for several people including myself and another blogger Dr Alex May because the organisation he listed was not a charity at the time. I personally only found out about John’s statement in early March when he criticised my own MP which I wrote about here. I then checked up about him and spotted the reference to the charity that he apparently worked for. Once it was clear that he did not work for a charity I wrote to the Charity Commission and also a Government agency called ACoBA that published the letter shown here which is not the complete letter as it runs into four pages but can be obtained here. My letter which was sent on 31st March was included on this blog and I heard nothing until Tuesday at 5pm when the Charity Commission sent me this message:

Dear Mr Chisnall

Thank you for your email of 30 March regarding “Esharelife”.  As a manager in the Registration team your email has been passed to me for consideration and response.

We can confirm that we are currently assessing an application for registration from the “Esharelife Foundation”.  We cannot comment further about this at the moment. However, we note the points you have raised.

Yours sincerely

Sarah McKean

Senior Manager, Registration

The following day the Charity Commission published this record that demonstrates that the organisation is now a charity as from 24th April.

Then on Thursday ACoBA sent me this message:

Dear Mr Chisnall,

Thank you for your email concerning John Haye’s role with Esharelife. Amongst other things you questioned Esharelife’s status as a charity and the fee Mr Hayes is being paid for the role.

It is not the Committee’s role to pass judgment on whether an appointment is appropriate or suitable in any other regard.

In the interests of transparency in this case, the Committee was not under the impression the organisation was registered with the Charity Commission and as you can see from the advice letter (available here), the committee noted Esharelife was described on as a ‘charitable organisation’.

Best regards
Supporting the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments

So that is pretty much it, apart from the fact that for 109 days Mr Hayes was slightly ahead of the reality that he was claiming and that apparently no one in Parliament or the Government minds that the company which was formed in 2016 was claiming to be a charity long before it became one. Perhaps the reason why the Government is not so concerned is because the people who run it are major party donors to the Tory Party and are happy to pay an ex-Minister a sum that few charities would consider paying a person to promote their charitable work!

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