Jeremy Hunt and his double li(f)e

HuntThere is nothing to suggest in the tweet on the right hand side that Jeremy Hunt had travelled out of the UK in order to meet partners from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the United States which are the flags he has listed. However if one was serious about trying to bring the appalling Yemen war to an end the idea of meeting such people and according to a re-tweet that was posted in between those shown “Foreign Secretary @Jeremy_Hunt met with Martin Griffiths, UN Special Envoy for Yemen, today to discuss the UN-led peace process.” would take up time and indeed such meetings would require a great deal of concentration. His short video of the meeting with Martin clearly led Martin to speak very highly of Jeremy Hunt and Martin Griffiths is not a political supporter of Jeremy although he is a British based negotiator and so one can imagine the audience for the video goes beyond the UK. However to spend the day meeting with partners who Jeremy claims are trying to end the war that at least one of them is part of and then also to spend the day campaigning with his local Conservative team seems rather inept. Of course when high profile politicians spend time campaigning with local teams it is usually a brief visit and then they move on elsewhere. Diane Abbot was in Brighton for part of yesterday and Katy Bourne was in both Worthing and Newick according to her tweets so given they are 25 miles apart she either knocked on about 100,000 doors or else paid a flying visit to both localities.

The reality in South West Surrey is that at the last election Jeremy has a major reduction in his majority from 29,000 in 2015 to 21,000 in 2017 so he frankly is not in a position where participating in a campaign really makes any sense and certainly has not saved any lives. So perhaps Jeremy could focus on what Martin Griffiths considers to be a much more important issue. Indeed perhaps if Jeremy Hunt was to also meet up with his Cabinet colleagues and bring an end to the sale of our weapons to Saudi Arabia as our part in ending the war we would be going a bit further than he managed yesterday!

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