The urgent need to help unite our nation

thIn many senses the visit that begins officially tomorrow is simply one more bit of icing on a very unpleasant cake that began to be baked early in 2016 when an EU referendum that was poorly prepared for was announced, and instead of sticking to the legal and democratic position that such referenda are guidance and advisory to Governments the stupid Prime Minister and his team promoted it as a final and statutory decision which would then be adopted completely by his Government. Even Nigel Farage made it clear prior to the vote that if it was as close as 48/52 it would not resolve matters and it would need to be repeated. Of course no doubt he was referring to 48 say leave and 52 say remain. As soon as the result was announced as 52/48 he left behind his earlier judgement. The same was true for the likes of Redwood, Davis and Rees-Mogg who had all called for a two referendum approach to be adopted so that the indication of what the future looked like would be advised by the public and they all then chose to disconnect from their guidance as soon as the first and indicative vote had been taken. As for Cameron he left and yet May who took over his role and who was not bound to adopt his previous judgement did so. So here we are almost exactly three years to the day since that vote and because of the importance of celebrating the success of D Day after 75 years the President of the USA is coming for a State visit. Yet such a decision has become almost as controversial as our departure from the EU for many millions of people. Indeed Donald is now calling for us to leave the EU without a deal (which will leave us outside of trade arrangements with 87 nations) so that when he and his colleagues throw some ideas at us to establish a trade deal with the USA, that our desperation for a deal with another nation will place us in a very vulnerable place for his negotiators.

Irrespective of which side of the arguments people in our nation are on, the fact that we need to find a way of uniting the nation is very clear. To keep on referring to 52% of the voters three years ago as being the deciders is deeply damaging, particularly as we are a nation with some 67m people and so 17.4m people is approximately one quarter of the population, however one looks at that process.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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2 Responses to The urgent need to help unite our nation

  1. Paul Nicholl says:

    When there is an election all the parties plan and budget and make promises in their mandates. The voters make their choice based on these facts.
    The referendum wad different. There were no facts on offer that could help decide whether to vote yes or no. It was all based on opinion. People had to decide what they thought was better and still have no idea if we would be better of if we leave the EU.
    However there is one definite clincher which had been delicately sidestepped until last summer when it emerged as the main stumbling block to negotiations.
    This, of course was the Good Friday Agreement which every PM over the last 20 years has had the duty to safeguard.
    To my mind there is no way we can leave the EU and safeguard the GFA. This puts all arguments and opinions about which course of action would serve our nation best to one side, for leaving the EU imperils the GFA and security of Northern Ireland.

    • ianchisnall says:

      I totally agree with you Paul, what is shocking is that it was kept silent until last Summer. The approach by Andrea Leadsom on Marr today showed that some potential Prime Ministers still want to brush it under the carpet.

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