A tragic way to promote your campaign

McveyThere are few credible people outside of the Tory Party who would argue that funding schools and funding the police is not an essential way forward for our society, given the appalling cuts that they have faced over the last decade and the crucial role that both play. It is certainly true that in the same period the funding of overseas poor settings has remained more or less intact despite the terrible decision by Priti Patel to try to use some of the foreign aid funding to contribute to armed forces in the Israeli Government. However as the fifth or sixth largest economy in the world it seems vital that we continue to support poor nations and indeed more local situations in an attempt to bring some level of peace to our world. There are many ways in which our national budget can be adjusted to ensure that policing and education amongst a number of other areas such as the DWP where Esther used to work is properly funded. However in some settings to claim that doing so will require a cut to the modest 0.7% of our GDP that provides our Foreign Aid will not only be accepted but some people on the far right will want to see this budget ended. However it is rather ironic for Esther to propose this appalling idea in Yorkshire rather on the side of the Pennines where her constituency is based in wealthy Cheshire. Her previous less secure constituency in the Wirral is also on the same side of the Pennines and she was born in Liverpool also on that side. The fact is that to understand that if she is to be elected as Prime Minister she will need to cross the Pennines from time to time should send her a message that if she stood any chance of becoming Prime Minister that she needs to consider the needs of not only the whole of the North of England but actually the South of England, Scotland and Ireland (where her roots come from) and the wider world. This is particularly true for someone who claims that we can leave the EU without a deal. That demands that we have a relationship with the rest of the world outside of Europe where most of the Foreign Aid is being spent. Whilst the Foreign Aid is not the basis for trading terms, it does demonstrate our understanding of why the rest of the world needs to be protected as much as our nation. However perhaps Esther is simply wanting to make some false claims in the few minutes she has had some attention. After all to claim her party has a covenant with the police after such appalling funding cuts shows she is very out of touch!

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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