Is this why Trump opposes Huawei?


When my last Blackberry mobile phone was damaged beyond use and my provider offered me a Huawei device as an alternative to Samsung, I took their advice and now have a Huawei mobile phone. For at least one reason that gave me great pleasure when the American Government began to raise their opposition to our nations proposed use of Huawei for our 5G system. Despite being an engineer, I don’t have much knowledge of the issues that lie behind 5G but thankfully I do receive newsletters and magazines written by people who do know what is involved and so I can benefit from their perspectives. In a recent edition of Engineering and Technology a chap called Dale Fittes wrote a very helpful letter about Huawei and the proposed 5G construction that did not include any politics. The starting point was his focus on the establishment of the first digital telephone system in the UK, known as System X. This was formed by British Telecom who commissioned three British firms to manufacture the system. As Dale points out, all three firms sourced their components primarily from either US or Japanese companies. The crucial thing was that the three companies did not rely on single sources for any of their components and the “software and firmware was all developed and maintained in-house, so the chances of introducing malware, spyware, backdoors etc were minimised”.

The reality is that Trump and his leadership team including Woody Johnson, their British Ambassador are opposed to our use of Huawei because it is not owned in their nation and because they are not in a position to do what the Chinese Government or designers could potentially do which is to break into our 5G system. They also want to enter into a trading battle with China and use the UK and even the EU to act as part of their warfare tools. The reality is that we should not be opposed to the use of Chinese technology in our nation, indeed most TVs and Commercial Screens, let alone many other technology devices come in from China. However as a nation we are capable of achieving all sorts of prospects if only we could persuade our Government to focus on the people and companies that can solve such problems and design systems that will enable us to be seen as a leading nation. However many of these people and some of the businesses they work for are not the sorts of companies that our current Government treats as being the way forward. Tragically our Government is primarily interested in businesses that are owned by Directors or shareholders and investors that fund their party. The same limitations exist when the Labour Party come into power as their focus is primarily on people who are members of Trade Unions. The reality is that our nations real strength comes from Small and Micro Enterprises that have the ability to develop new ideas, even though many of the businesses are too small and too dedicated to their theme including technology to necessarily include people with political interests inside the workforce or as owners. We need both of our main parties to start to get to grips with the prospects for future communications systems and to begin to commission small and micro enterprises in a way that they will help such companies to grow and expand their influence, even if they are not big enough to need trade unions to protect their employees or not interested or capable of funding political parties as a way of growing the businesses.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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