Telegraph needs to organise its journalism

SherelleThe content contained within most newspapers is of course quite diverse, particularly where external columnists are included. However the internal team of journalists should be working with something of a strategy and understanding of one another. I write a weekly column for a local daily paper and had the opportunity a few months ago to participate in a meeting where the team of journalists met to explain the various stories they were working on for the following day. Being a local newspaper the majority of the stories related to local matters but the Editor and his colleagues were able to influence the focus of the various journalists so that there was something of a coherence amongst the team in their work. One would assume this would be the case even more in National Newspapers such as the Telegraph, but above are two pieces that appeared yesterday, albeit 12 hours apart and it seems clear that the opinion piece by Sherelle Jacobs is in complete ignorance to the information contained in the piece by Anna Isaac.

If one was looking for a third piece of material to see which of these two is closest to being correct, the news from the latest leaks in the Kim Darroch case demonstrate that Anna Issac is publishing a clearly consistent article with that piece of news and that the headline in the Sherelle Jacobs case is purely nonsense. Perhaps instead of the two pieces needing to be coherent across the paper, the Sherelle piece is used to encourage the pro Brexit Telegraph readers to drift off to sleep after reading it before they risk reading proper information that people like Anna Isaac have written later on in the day. Given that many of the people who voted for us to leave the EU claimed that they did so because we are being obliged as a nation to do what the EU demands (even though our Government is able to compose those demands), they will surely begin to realise that our future trade deals will create their own set of challenges as we want deals with both the USA and China. Such challenges are already in the public domain as we suffer from the conflict between Iran and USA.

Towards the end of last week Anna wrote another piece in the same newspaper which stated:

“Britain has failed to make meaningful progress towards a free trade deal with the United States amid “chronic” staffing shortages and communication breakdowns in Whitehall, according to a cache of documents seen by The Telegraph. Details of meetings spanning two years show how overstretched departments have been working “at cross purposes” as transatlantic talks have repeatedly stumbled over politically sensitive topics such as rules on health, farming and the finance industry. Officials have begun to fear that American frustration with the lack of agreement or even partial agreement could end hopes of a post-Brexit partnership envisaged at the centre of a “global Britain” trade strategy.”

We are clearly at a critical point in our nation with promises to leave by two men who seem unwilling to acknowledge that leaving with or without a deal with the EU will cause us immense harm as a nation. One of them will shortly enter Downing Street and they need to pay attention to the pieces by Anna Isaac before they attempt to get us to leave the EU. It is becoming even more vital that we revoke article 50 and return to the public as a matter of high priority, providing us with a set of information that will enable us to vote appropriately this time around!

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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