A Picture is worth a SINGULAR word – Leadership


According to this website, a Leader is defined as: “A leader is the one in the charge, the person who convinces other people to follow. A great leader inspires confidence in other people and moves them to action. A leader is the head guy or gal, the one running the show. The leader of the band calls the shots and sets the tempo for the music. A conductor is the leader of an orchestra; all musicians look to him or her to know when to begin and end playing their instruments. A president is the leader of a country whose decisions make a difference to the whole population. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement. A leader comes first in line — in a parade or a social system — and gets a lot of attention, but ultimately, a leader needs followers.” No doubt other people would define leadership using different words. However the Leader of the House of Commons and Lord of the Council is a very high profile role. It is one that would mean that how the person behaves will be placed under a certain degree of scrutiny as indeed is the case for many forms of Leadership. Now to be fair to Jacob, yesterday was his first day back in the House of Commons since a five week break and he was elevated to this role on the day that the House was closing its business for the Summer. Yet he has been busy during the Summer arranging an unconventional prorogation with Her Majesty the Queen and of course he made a statement to the people who he is superior to regarding their use of language:

  • Organisations are SINGULAR
  • All non-titled males – Esq.
  • There is no . after Miss or Ms
  • P.s – no need to write M.P. after their name in body of text
  • Male M.P.s (non-privy councillors) – in the address they should have Esq., before M.P. (e.g. Tobias Ellwood, Esq., M.P.)
  • Double space after fullstops
  • No comma after ‘and’
  • CHECK your work
  • Use imperial measurements

So perhaps he is tired and a bit forgetful. After all his behaviour before he was elevated to be the leader of the House was quite similar to the image above. However this is not really a good way of leading people. In addition to that, he like all M.P.s including the Esq.’s and the non-Esq.’s is accountable first and foremost to their constituents and then of course to the nation as a whole. This means that all of them should be working for all 66 million people in our nation, srather than just the 17.41 million people who voted to leave the EU nearly three and a half years ago.

About ianchisnall

I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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