The Absurd concepts behind Farage’s fear attacks

FarageAccording to the tweet on the right hand side, Nigel is angry that some British MPs (who together represent 3 nations and Northern Ireland) have been making contact with the EU nations Government contacts. Presumably he has forgotten that this is precisely what he is supposed to do as my MEP but he spends so much time verbally sticking two fingers up at them and staying away from their places of work that of course he has lost the ability and destroyed the relationships that would enable him to do this sort of thing. However before I explain why Farage is being ridiculous, it might help to explain why I believe collaboration is a vital part of any credible leader’s role.

I spent most of my life learning the benefits of collaboration. It works on so many levels. As an engineer working for companies that produce goods for sale or use by individuals it is vital to collaborate so that the engineering solutions will match the rest of the devices. As a coordinator for a national charity that set out to link together churches with other national agencies, and which succeeded in more than 1500 locations, collaboration was vital. As a coordinator for church cooperation across Sussex which come from a range of different traditions and that then set out to link with the voluntary sector and the business networks and local government, collaboration was again vital. And as a senior representative for the South East England Regional Assembly (SEERA) our effort as the social and environmental representatives, the group I led to link first to the business representatives and then to engage with the three political parties demanded a huge amount of collaboration. And as a Trustee of a wide range of charities I understand that although sometimes conflict can emerge when the charities are seeking funding from the same settings, that ensuring wherever possible that the charities work together dramatically improves the lives of the people the charities set out to assist. Of course in the commercial settings they too are limited in what collaboration is possible, but agencies such as IOD, CBI and FSB all indicate that many businesses will benefit from some collaboration. All collaborative activities take time, but the results when things go well give a huge reward to all the people involved and all of the people on the receiving end of the goods or the services.

So back to the collaboration that Nigel is complaining about. As I wrote earlier, collaboration with foreign governments is what Nigel is very well paid to do, but which he tends to ignore. In any event his contacts with the USA which he is not paid to do by us, his employers is where he spends a great deal of his time. So that is one piece of collaboration with a foreign power that he is not supposed to do, but he apparently thinks it is perfectly reasonable. However when one gets down to the minutiae of his call to collaborate with Boris, it gets fascinating. Boris is not a foreign power unlike most MEPs who of course are because their power is based in the European Parliament. However Boris is someone whose historical links on a personal level go back to Russia and America and also several generations previously to Turkey. On the other hand Nigel originated from a French background and his wife is German. Now of course these contacts do not give either of the men a foreign power but they clearly have foreign connections which raises all sorts of questions regarding their obsession with a No Deal Brexit which will seriously damage a number of economies, not as much as ours, but they will all be impacted.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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