Two very different ways of spending Christmas

Social media has been kept very busy over the last few days as the plans made by Boris for his Christmas emerged. Many people have been critical of Johnson for taking the time off and going to have a break, after what was inevitably a very gruelling campaign to get re-elected. To go onto a small Island with some other folk that you can share the time with and have a proper break is not unique to Boris and although there are many islands around our own UK coast that offer lovely places to stay, the decision to travel over to Mustique is something that only a very small number of extremely wealthy or high profile people do on a regular basis. Indeed our Royal Family travel there for holidays relatively often as a classic example. In contrast to the people who have been offended by Johnsons holiday break 4,300 miles away, there are others who have made it clear that many people do go away for Christmas and that Johnson understandably deserves a break after all of his hard work. Indeed some of them feel it was a good example of how people should live their lives.

A rather different way of spending Christmas was followed by Jeremy Corbyn, who like Boris has been very busy over the last few weeks and indeed months. However some of the people who were offended by his actions, were primarily upset because they considered he was spending his time to make a statement. However anyone who spends a couple of days over Christmas including Christmas day visiting locations where meals were being prepared for people who are lonely or homeless is not to be criticised, unless of course they choose to do so in a high profile way and attract a news media frenzy which Corbyn certainly didn’t do. That is in sharp contrast to the way that some of his competitors attended foodbanks during the election campaign and unlike them Jeremy was simply helping out the organisers and meeting the people who benefit.

In reality it is not too important how one person spends a few days over Christmas but there are some vital lessons that both men offer and also how they can choose to respond over the first few days when they are both back at work. It remains to be seen if they both will. So to allow people to have a break and perhaps even provide the resources needed to make it easier for people to have holidays is something that the Government could consider, even if holidays in places like Mustique will remain limited to only a few people. This is vital for people who are working very long hours each day and in some cases at night time too. The next lesson is that participating in events to assist volunteers rather than simply turning up for the PR benefit is vital and hopefully Boris will learn from Jeremy on this before he next turns up at a foodbank or a youth club. Finally as the third image shows both men need to speak out to other nations such as the USA on matters that appear to have treated people very badly such as the homeless children in Texas. Indeed perhaps our Government could open up our borders for the childhood refugees that were willing to be accommodated across the nation by many families.

Unfortunately Boris has a tendency to say one thing and then do something else, even though he claims not to tell us lies. A classic example came about 10 days ago when his team made a statement regarding the plans for an event that will take place in Switzerland on 21st January in a place called Davos. This is an event that Boris has attended several times in the past and indeed in 2013 stated “For most politicians who want to big up their cities, as I do, it’s an important place to come”. However the recent statement was “Our focus is on delivering for the people, not champagne with billionaires” which seemed to be a response to the basis of his election from working class voters. However his holiday is taking place with a family that are certainly worth many millions, if not billions and it would be a surprise if he was not going to have some champagne with them during his break!

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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