Why are only 30% of the world’s oceans our nations priority?

The manifesto for our new Government covers a great deal of themes and one of these is climate change. The phrase climate appears 10 times in the manifesto and there are a number of comments, some of which are a bit unhelpful or a bit irrelevant. However there is a page which is titled “Fight climate change and protect the environment” and along with that one reference, the page includes five other references to the word climate. One of the paragraphs raised some questions in my mind and so I thought I could blog about it and no doubt the people who are much better aware and informed would be able to respond with some answers?

So there is clearly a high value for International Partnerships on all sorts of themes and indeed as someone who voted to retain a partnership with 27 other nations on a wide range of themes, the claim that a new set of partnerships will be established is not a great prospect if we are going to tackle deforestation, protect vital landscapes and wildlife corridors, given that such matters are acute and our Government takes a great deal of time to sign up to working with its own members and other UK political agencies, let alone the ones overseas. Another element of concern is that this seems to suggest that either the Tories want to start doing things their own way and will ignore the existing partnerships or else perhaps even worse in one sense that there are no existing partnerships that we should surely be able to join in and work through other than the EU?

Then there is a new fund which will be set out as £500 Million and this it is claimed will protect our oceans from plastic pollution, sea warming and overfishing. My suspicion is that apart from the overfishing which should not require any funds but just a focus on partnership agreements such as what we should have done via the EU that the other two themes will require a great deal of financial investment and change to both our actions as a nation and that of all other nations. Indeed our sea warming is surely something that cannot be treated in isolation?

The final sentence refers to the news that apparently we are already leading the world in an attempt to protect 30% of the world oceans by 2030. It is unclear why we have set out to only focus on 30% and indeed what will have happened by 2030. If we are leading the world on such a theme, which other nations are focusing on the other 70% of the worlds oceans and what precisely does protecting the worlds oceans actually mean?

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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