Two calls to Unite our Nation, two actions to break it up

The Tory Manifesto did not focus too much on the need for a United Nation, although it did of course refer to our United Kingdom in many places (18 in total). However in two places it did call on the clear requirement to try to unite our nation and given that this was a matter Johnson has spoken about on several occasions it is clearly an important matter. The first of the two statements came in the introduction which was written by Johnson “I am very proud of the achievements of this Government in its first 100 days. We have mapped out a fantastic programme for the years ahead: to unite and level up, spreading opportunity across the whole United Kingdom.”

The second one was not so clearly a quote from the man, but the text was equally relevant and it was under the section titled Integration and openess which begins with the following text as in effect its sub title “We want our party, and our Government, to represent modern Britain – a diverse and tolerant country with confidence in its own
identity and values. We believe the enduring beliefs that unite us are far more important than our differences.”

So yesterday was the 33rd day since Johnson’s party was elected to run the country and he carried out two relatively public actions which are both very different in their focus but both set out ways to damage our unity and indeed potentially send out signals that will ensure our nation ultimately breaks up, both between our separate nations and also amongst the communities where there is a great deal of disagreement, despite the massive number of Tory MPs for a modest 1.5% increase in their votes across the nation. The call for ringing the Big Ben providing some people can raise £500,000 is of course bound to inspire many people who are keen for us to leave the EU. However it will irritate many who don’t want to, and of course the more challenging aspect is what else will Johnson agree for people to fund. By setting this matter out as being accessible by people with money, providing they want us to leave the EU it raises all sorts of other challenges. The other issue is his refusal to allow the Scottish people to vote to leave the UK, given that their vote to remain in the EU was ignored and we are not about to leave the EU will undoubtedly frustrate many Scottish people. My personal view is that breaking up the UK would be very disappointing. However I am very disappointed that we are leaving the EU. It is clear that what was needed was a proper debate post the 2016 Referendum and the same thing is now needed with Scotland who like Northern Ireland voted to remain and are now about to pay a substantial price for our departure. Simply refusing to enable them to vote will not change the views that they hold and indeed will potentially make them more angry. If Johnson wants to unite our nations he now needs to demonstrate how he will do so!

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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