A very busy legislative process – that achieved nothing so far

Yesterday afternoon at precisely 4.16pm a total of 58 private members bills were submitted by a relatively small group of people. As we can see the Speaker was not very impressed by the approach. Just to put these 58 Bills into account since 13th December a total of 87 Bills have been formed of which the first 9 were allocated to the Government and the other 78 are private members bills that have been prepared by backbench MPs. 20 were set out last Wednesday by a mix of people very few of whom had any involvement in more than one and the rest were submitted yesterday. Most of the people involved yesterday have a relatively high profile, primarily because they have acted as barriers over many years to prevent private members bills introduced by other people to be placed in front of the Parliament in its mainstream. Their most regular approaches has been filibuster by Philip Davies which basically talks the Bill out of time to be voted for, or in the case of Chope to announce “object” which destroys the Bill before it can even be talked at. Of the 58 Bills, 3 were presented by the SNP MP Chris Stephens and all of the other 55 were formed by either Christopher Chope or Peter Bone and most were supported by the other person of their group and then supported by Philip Davies. The greatest irony of them was that Bill 73 which was submitted by Mr Peter Bone, supported by Philip Davies and Henry Smith, was to “prohibit charging for car parking at NHS Hospitals for patients and visitors; to make provision for NHS Hospitals to be exempt from business rates.” The reason for this to be so ironic was that it was Mr Davies who set out to prevent another MP to have their private members Bill back on 30th October 2015 to prevent free Hospital Parking for people who were carers of the patients!

Of the 55 Bills a total of 53 involved Peter Bone who set out 5 of them alone and his friend Sir Christopher Chope was involved in 48 of which 2 were his alone. The third most regular person was Philip Davies who supported 45 and although he was not the author of any, it was these three people who have been the most involved in preventing other Bills from taking place. So the question has to be why are they doing this and perhaps more importantly why can any of them be allowed to submit so many private members bills at one time?

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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