A very useful tweet from Lloyd, can the Government respond to it? – and a great response from one of my contacts

Whilst many of us are staying indoors for most of each day currently and staying at home rather than going to work following the call by Boris Johnson, the sense of how long this will need to be and what the impact will achieve is getting very hard to understand. So the comment by Lloyd Russell-Moyle on twitter late yesterday outlined a factor that could give people a great deal more understanding and actually could improve matters dramatically by comparison to the current situation we are all now facing. There are many businesses that cannot easily work from home and whilst most businesses had already sent individuals home if they were very vulnerable or if their work could be transferred to their homes without a major loss to the companies income, the truth is that such an arrangement is very hard for the rest of the business community where their working role demands being in a specific building or out on locations where the work is delivered.

There are some very clear messages coming through the internet regarding the benefit of a meaningful temporary break in people being out in a conventional way with their friends, but also regarding the fact that some people may have caught the COVID-19 virus as long ago as two months ago and have now resumed their ability to work and play without either transmitting or receiving the virus. The only way of resolving this is for people to begin to be tested and for the information to be used to track the nature of the illness. It is understandable why Prince Charles was tested, but given that many other people being daily exposed to these conditions are not getting tested, then we need to resolve Lloyds questions dramatically quickly!

Within a few minutes of my blog appearing a contact of mine on Facebook, Angie Letteboer kindly pointed this out:

I thought these questions were answered several times in the PM’s briefings yesterday. I don’t always believe what he says will happen but keep asking the same questions will only the same response.

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