A Collaborative approach by Government is clearly needed to deal with COVID-19

As I wrote in my blog yesterday, the claim by Michael Gove during his speech on Tuesday night that Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock “are working with companies worldwide to ensure that we get the material we need to increase tests of all kinds” was incoherent and if it was really taking place, it indicated why we are in such a mess, given that they are both supposed to be recovering from Covid-19 and also responsible for running the whole of our nation and our NHS, not working with supply companies. However the Telegraph today also appears to be focusing on the incompetence of the Government as it seeks to explain, let alone arrange for testing to take place in a meaningful way for our NHS and our wider population. According to this piece written by Michael Deacon, the Daily Telegraph Parliamentary Sketchwriter “The Government’s pathetic coronavirus news conferences are becoming a complete waste of time” and he goes on to write:

“Is there really any point to these daily news conferences? As a journalist I’m wary of complaining, because I don’t actually want them to be cancelled. But it’s not much use asking all these questions, if ministers are either unwilling or unable to say anything that might come within a five-mile radius of a proper answer. Of course we’re all used to politicians dodging awkward questions. But this is a national emergency. People need clarity and candour. This evening, all they got was 24 minutes of the most pitiful, dispiriting waffle…. This time the name pulled out of the Downing Street hat was that of Alok Sharma, the little-known Business Secretary.”

Another piece from the newspaper on the same theme today is their Lead Story written by a team of journalists which is entitled “Questions without answers” which then lists as its sub heading “Unable to say why Britain’s testing lags so far behind other nations; Why so few NHS workers are being tested, while medics are being turned away from new testing facilities; Unable to explain the exit strategy from lockdown or give details of when new antibody tests will be ready”

Clearly there are questionable motivations by some newspapers who are owned by wealthy people who have other clear agendas. However what is clearly needed here in the UK as we face major challenges that have arrived onto our land in recent weeks, is an approach that seeks to bring together the best quality teams of people working on a range of themes, which includes the public presentations as well as the technology needed to resolve the testing and ultimately the protection of people from COVID-19. It is clear that some of the members of the Cabinet, either lack the capability or the resources needed to help set out clear indications regarding our current challenges. If the people who speak are from other parties or indeed from outside political parties, that is much less of a concern than if the only people allowed to speak wear the right colour rosette but lack any grasp of the real issue.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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2 Responses to A Collaborative approach by Government is clearly needed to deal with COVID-19

  1. Robert Furber says:

    Absolutely right on Ian. The government is not allowing Life Science companies to talk to PHE but won’t respond to e-mails / telephone calls lobbying. They want to have C OMPLEDE command and control of everything and won’t let anything like a devolved industrial machine ramp up to assist. (They won’t have control if that happens)

  2. ianchisnall says:

    Thank you for responding Robert, I totally agree.

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