A fantastic story for today and a vital call for our Government

A few hours ago a story has emerged on LinkedIn that relates to a piece of work carried out over the last week by a sheet metal company based up in Telford. There are probably similar stories that are being told elsewhere based on the work of other companies, but it is really encouraging to read about the good news that is arising from amongst parts of the UK industry regarding how to help to solve the lack of an adequate supply of ventilators in our nation. The shortage was first identified when in October 2016 our Government ran a national pandemic flu exercise, codenamed exercise Cygnus. The report of its findings was not made publicly available, but the then chief medical officer Sally Davies commented on what she had learnt from it in December 2016. One conclusion was that Britain, as Davies put it, faced the threat of “inadequate ventilation”. The reality of this shortage emerged several months ago when Coronavirus first emerged and since then there have been stories about companies able to offer a potential solution which appear to have been ignored. However for Wrekin, as the story below from LinkedIn explains, they were presented with a requirement that emerged literally a week ago and as the image shows, and the story explains, they have met the criteria that was presented to them and they will now produce the remaining 4500 units over the next 8 working days. No doubt there will be other pieces of work that will be needed to complete the ventilators but Wrekin deserve to be applauded for their very quick turn around.

I would like to make a huge shout out to all the staff at Wrekin Sheetmetal Ltd and the supply chain we have set up. Last Saturday I received a call from one of the F1 racing teams procurement office asking if we could assist with the manufacture of a ventilator they had designed, after a huge push working on the designs we received the order to manufacture 5000 units on the Sunday. Tuesday we delivered the first 20 sample sets and today 6 days later we are supplying the first 500 units, next week we will be supplying 600 units per day until completion. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all involved in making this happen.

Simon Orpe – Sales Director

At the same time as this story emerged, the call by Bill Gates for a global approach for all nations to work together in an attempt to deal with COVID-19 has emerged and it is clear that what he his calling for is also very vital. We need our Government to applaud companies like Wrekin and F1 but also admit that on our own we cannot fight off C-19 and that we need to work with a range of nations including the EU nations to ensure that C-19 is dealt with by our world. We need a much more accountable approach to such issues for the future so that along with what we can do in our own nation, that we work with all others in a meaningful way to help deal with illness and other matters for the benefit of our own nation and our neighbours.

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