Its great to see the Telegraph promoting French Holidays

The promotion of France as a place to go on holiday is very understandable. Living in the South Coast near Newhaven means that I have been to France for day trips on several occasions and many many years ago we went with some friends to South France where we travelled by Coach. We stayed in a Caravan Park near Antibes and had the privilege to visit locations such as Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo. The challenge of course for many of us who love visiting nations like France and Germany is that from 31st December our access will be far less than it was back in the mid 1980’s when we went to South France or during the 90’s and 2000’s visiting Dieppe from Newhaven. I also had the privilege to visit a friend several times in Freigburg which is close to the Swiss, Belgium border and also the Black Forest. on two of those occasions I went to discuss voluntary work with a Catholic Charity called Caritas and my visit was paid for by the EU which was fantastic. Clearly for a newspaper like the Telegraph that is passionate about our nations departure from the EU to be making this sort of statement seems very unusual. Of course it is true that many of the highest profile people who have campaigned for our departure from the EU, happen to also have homes or at least regular visits to European locations. I just wonder if some of the people reading this article are as disappointed as me that we are leaving the EU. Or perhaps some of them are happy to leave the EU because they want to reduce the numbers of people who can travel from the UK to the EU? Perhaps Sasha Slater who wrote this piece could tell us outside of the Telegraph barrier what made her decide to write it?

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