Credible Tory MPs must now call for a coalition Government

As much as he would like to be seen as a modern Winston Churchill, it would seem as though Johnson is more like Chamberlain in terms of his behaviour and competence over COVID-19, planning rules, the call to end PHE, the Decisions taken by Ofqual and the border decisions set out by Priti Patel. We now need a sense of clear leadership that will resolve some of these issues in an effective way. We need the Conservative Party to recognise that they lack the leadership and although they have a major number of seats, that they will be badly responded to if they simply allow Johnson, Rees-Mogg and Gove along with Dominic Cumming to remain in the leadership along with Patel, Hancock, Jenrick and Williamson. Clearly the MPs need to re-emerge into Parliament before the end of the recess as other parts of our public sector are battling with some of the issues created by the Government. The University organisations are now being forced to determine how to assess a much wider range of students than they were dealing with on Friday and a significant part of the NHS is now being restructured from Public Health England to another body while the major part of the NHS is still trying to resolve how to deal with COVID. The Navy is being set out to attack people in small boats and the local authorities are facing a number of challenges from the planning decisions and the educational sector is about to deal with the return of schools with very few elements of the provision that was being promised for early June. The final and arguably one of the most challenging issues is the EU departure which could seriously close down large parts of our economy.

Clearly the Conservative Party have a larger number of MPs but they are not necessarily capable of managing the nation without support in a meaningful way from some of the people in Labour and the SNP parties along with Caroline Lucas.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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2 Responses to Credible Tory MPs must now call for a coalition Government

  1. Rob Furber says:

    Oh Ian;

    Are you calling for
    – a NATIONAL government,
    – A putsch within the Tory Parliamentary Party to oust this Premiership and find new leadership
    – Or the need for a General Election (this lot having clearly lost their mandate to rule)?

    I doubt whether Kier Stammer would trust Johnson enough to enter into a pact with him. For most Labour supporters it would be like entering into a pact with the Devil. Johnson may not be that cute an administrator, but he has REAL skills as a political operative avoiding most incompetency’s being blamed upon himself.

    The Tory party rebel against this leadership – but even if it did do a ‘Chamberlin’ on their leader we would still be left with a cabinet much the same with a few chairs shuffled (Williamson’ being the most obvious demise along with Hancock’s) The most likely to benefit from a putsch would be Gove, so we would still have the L.I.M.F personality of Dominic Cummings haunting the Westminster Corridors

    A General Election would signal a Tory Party totally at odds with itself and result in a victory for Labour – they wouldn’t dare (currently) risk it after the recent cock ups.

    We’re going to have to grind our teeth a little bit longer on this lot frankly – though I am detecting a huge amount of impatience among the Tory rank and file. Robert Halpin has always been his own man and he could be relied upon to knock a few heads with a club over these appalling maltreatments of our young men and women. – But if whips fodder Julie Marson speaks out you know Johnson is on his last chance.

    Have a good day and KBO

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