The lack of SWexit may have some bearing Daniel and Harry!

A few weeks ago at the end of June I wrote this piece following a claim which Toby Young was making in the Daily Telegraph that our nation would not be faced with a second wave of Coronavirus. Sadly his naïve and rather incompetent claim was one that the Telegraph was happy to promote on facebook and twitter and it was also promoted through Twitter by Daniel Hannan who appeared to be agreeing with him at the time. We are now facing the second wave of Coronavirus as many of us had anticipated several months ago. Rather than admitting this was not what these people expected and apologising for their naivety or ignorance it appears that a different approach is taking place from both Daniel and the Telegraph. Today Hannan has written an this article in the Telegraph which is being promoted by another Conservative and also a Journalist as shown in this tweet. At that time Daniel also retweeted it, although he has now appeared to remove his retweet from his account which raises another question. However thankfully Harry quoted part of the article in the tweet which makes it easier for people who are not registered with the Telegraph to find out some of what Daniel has actually written. Harry included the following two quotes amongst his range of tweets today.

In Sweden the disease there followed pretty much the same trajectory as here – with the difference that Sweden is now not worried about a second wave, and suffered less than half the economic hit that we did……I defy anyone, presented with a set of unheaded graphs showing the infection and fatality rates in different nations, to guess which ones had closed their economies and which ones had not.

So perhaps Daniel and Harry along with the Telegraph could take a small step back from the economic challenge we are all facing and consider one of the elements which we are having to deal with which is not impacting Sweden. Our exit from the EU which used to be called Brexit by the leader of their political party but which he since has stated should not be be now used, would be called Swexit if Sweden were planning to leave the EU. However they are not and whilst their COVID issues will be impacting their economy just as our COVID issues are, they are free from the Swexit issues and so the impact on our economy may be our leaving of the EU rather than us behaving differently towards COVID.

Along with Harry Phibbs promoting the Daniel Hannan article, the Telegraph sent me an email today which states

Our nation is braced for a second wave of restrictions over the next few days. As Britain anxiously waits to learn whether it will have to shut down, once more, now is the time to turn to The Telegraph. Start your one-month free trial today and enjoy your next three months for just £1 per month, then £2 per week thereafter, and see what the government’s new rules mean for you and yours. Follow their impact on our daily working lives, socialising, education, the economy and beyond with unrivalled clarity from our award-winning team.

Perhaps Daniel Hannan and the Telegraph could both acknowledge that they were wrong abut the second wave of COVID back in June and their grasp of its impact on our economy is not the only issue and they could also admit that the result of the referendum that took place 51 months ago is potentially the real issue!

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