The PM refuses to respond to MPs but happily informs the Media

This tweet that came from our local MP at about 8am this morning was a response to a press release from Boris Johnson that was published on the BBC website at around 1am this morning. This is the link to the website story which is entitled Climate change: UK to end aid for fossil fuel projects abroad, some of which is reproduced here and which was kindly provided by Caroline at the end of her tweet. So having read her tweet and seen the piece that the BBC has been presented with over the last 8-10 hours it is worthwhile checking what Caroline has said and the response from Boris in the Prime Minister Questions as shown below. It is of course vital that if Parliament matters to our Government that when asked questions by Members of Parliament that they will respond honestly and in doing so will respect our MPs and the nation as a whole. The Question and Answer can be seen here.

CL: Last week, we learned that UK Export Finance has been approached to back the east African crude oil pipeline. This is a climate catastrophe that will produce emissions equivalent to all the UK’s annual flights. Not only that, but a recent response to one of my written parliamentary questions confirmed that UKEF has six more fossil fuel projects under consideration. Ahead of the climate ambition summit this weekend, how can the Prime Minister claim any climate credibility while ploughing public money into dirty fossil fuel projects overseas? Are these the actions of a rogue, out of control Government Department—or, worse, does the Prime Minister actually approve of them?

PM: I hope the hon. Lady knows that we are moving away dramatically and at speed from UK Export Finance supporting fossil fuel exploration around the world, but, of course, hydrocarbons remain a significant industry in Scotland and many other places. In so far as there are legitimate contracts that are at risk of being frustrated, we cannot do that. I really think that her criticism of the Government is absurd. Look at the overall record and ambition of this Government; this is the first country in the developed world to set a target of net zero by 2050. I know that when she is being less polemical, she has had some kind words to say about the Government’s programme, and I certainly support her in that.

So it appears that MPs are not entitled to even receive advance warning that things might change if it is not possible to announce them in two days time, but perhaps even more it would make sense for Parliament to be made aware regarding what is about to happen at a summit that is announced before it begins in the press but was not released before it began in Parliament.

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