A very disappointing political end to 2020

As MPs along with their supporters and opposers are debating the very inadequate Trade Deal with the EU, it is clear that our position is not very strong. There is only one worse position and that would have been a No Deal departure. Ever since the vote from 17.4 million of our nations people for us to leave the EU and the incompetent response to that from a Government whose leader resigned, we have managed to make things much worse than any of the public speaking people have expressed. Some of us knew right then on the 24th June 2016 that if the Government did not make some significant changes that our departure would be deeply damaging and even though we could have been in a worse position tomorrow night, the reality is that our nation is still about to go over a cliff. I feel very sorry for the MPs who are opposed to the Deal but would be even more opposed to a No-Deal. The reality is that the Government is made up of several people who must take responsibility for this appalling position. A couple of days ago there was a discussion on twitter between Steve Baker MP and Al Stewart. They were both expressing disappointment that the referendum debates were not as robust as they appeared to want. Al Stewart stated

Had those who wanted the UK to remain in the EU been half as vociferous and articulate during the campaign as they are now, in condemning the deal, they might have won. The sound of the stable door slamming shut, as the bolted horse canters away, is deafening.

And Steve Baker then stated

I would have loved two serious campaigns, slogging it out over the details of trade policy and democracy, politics and power and how they are restrained and kept serving the public good. But there we are. Time to move on for us all.

When I was looking for these tweets today I spotted a few more up to date ones on Steve Bakers account, they were ones he was retweeting

Thank you ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ for holding firm for a fair deal which restores UK sovereignty, provides tarriff-free trading with EU-based customers and ensures my constituents are choosing their lawmakers. #GotBrexitDone

Anne-Marie Trevelyan – MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed

It’s been @BorisJohnson’s personal pledge to get #Brexit done, and he has delivered, under intense pressure, what many thought impossible, a deal between sovereign equals. The UK has finally won back sovereignty

Iain Duncan Smith

Tomorrow’s vote is binary. Brexit is done and the trade agreement is a good one (and cannot be renegotiated at this stage). MPs can either vote to leave with a deal. Or they can vote to leave without a deal. That’s it. I’m voting to leave with a deal.

James Cleverly

The challenge is that my own MP who I respect very well is voting against the Deal and she is being criticised by Conservative MPs who are claiming her opposition to the Deal means she wants a No Deal. This is complete nonsense as Caroline wanted us to remain in the EU and has equally been calling for a good deal ever since our departure was certain. The wierd thing is that back on 13th December, so well before this Deal was achieved Iain Duncan Smith appeared on this news website which stated

Iain Duncan Smith slammed the EU, saying Britain wants a genuine free trade deal but “the European Union point-blank refuses to Grant it.”

And a week earlier he appeared in a more mainstream newspaper that like IDS and Steve Baker is opposed to the EU

BREXITEER Sir Iain Duncan Smith has launched a scathing attack against the European Union, accusing Brussels of showing “bad faith” towards Britain’s services sector during talks and warning a trade deal could be a trap.

And a month earlier he appeared in another EU opposition newspaper stating

Now is not the time to buckle on Brexit — no deal is better than a bad deal.

The problem is our nation is facing two very difficult issues. One is that few of us know what the Deal is like as it was only agreed by our Government on Christmas Eve and it is 2000 pages long. We all know that a No Deal option is not sensible, but then more than 16 million of us voted to remain and indeed today if there was another referendum it is likely that the nation would vote to remain. However we are not faced with that choice or even a meaningful debate which even Steven Baker claimed is what should have happened!

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