Is Donald about to be formally charged with crime?

According to some news reports in the last couple of days it appears that the man in the middle of these images, Michael Cohen has been involved in a series of meetings with the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Junior. Cohen was a lawyer who served as an attorney for Donald Trump from 2006 to 2018, was vice-president of the Trump Organization. He was the personal counsellor to Trump, and was often described by media as Trump’s “fixer”. The man on the left is John Dean and as the Independent newspaper stated a couple of days ago

John W Dean, who served as Mr Nixon’s White House Counsel before testifying against him, pointed out on Twitter that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen met with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for a seventh time on Wednesday. “From personal experience as a key witness I assure you that you do not visit a prosecutor’s office 7 times if they are not planning to indict those about whom you have knowledge,” Dean has recently tweeted “It is only a matter of how many days until DA Vance indicts Donald & Co.”

The word indicted is a past description of how someone has been formally accused of or charged with a crime. Late last night there was an article in Independent under the heading of

Michael Cohen tweets story warning that his meetings with DA are ‘not good news’ for Trump

The article begins with

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen appeared to imply on Saturday that bad news is headed for his former boss.

Quoting a legal expert on MSNBC, Cohen retweeted a story on Twitter that his many meetings with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance were “not good news for #Trump.”

Mr Vance has been investigating the Trump Organization for possible financial crimes since 2018. Recently, Cohen has had seven meetings with the Manhattan DA, and has reportedly been invited to an eighth – a sign that Donald Trump may be indicted soon, analysts have suggested.

“The fact that he’s been there seven times and is rumoured to be going back for an eighth time is not good news for Trump,” said Joyce Vance, the legal expert Cohen quoted.

Ms Vance was the US Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama from 2009 to 2017, and specialised in fraud cases. (She is not related to Cyrus Vance.)

“Michael Cohen can explain a lot of the evidence the Manhattan DA has in hand,” Ms Vance told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi. “He may have been around a lot of the transactions, he may be able to look at the underlying taxes and tell them who was in the room. He can help guide them to the best evidence and help them understand transactions that may have been criminal conduct.”

The Manhattan DA is investigating whether Mr Trump or his company committed tax fraud, insurance fraud or falsification of business records.

It is clear that if any President including Donald Trump has broken a law, that they need to be treated as being several steps beyond the ordinary men and women in their nation. Indeed we need to see a similar approach in the UK as our Prime Ministers need to be held to account for their behaviour as they will be setting out laws for the rest of society. The rest of society with the exception of one or two wealthy or powerful individuals do not get treated as though the laws don’t matter. We therefore need the same to be applied to Prime Ministers and Presidents.

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