Is he sticking two fingers up, or promoting gross stupidity?

So this is the tweet that someone in the Boris Johnson publicity group sent out at around 5pm on Wednesday. He has received 8,000 likes but 9,000 comments and nearly 1,000 retweets with a significant number of comments from people who have been confused by him providing a photo of him arriving into the Cornwall area. By doing so on a plane it is very damaging to the environment and while he and his team regularly travel by plane, using the image to then claim

I’ve arrived in Cornwall for this year’s @G7 where I’ll be asking my fellow leaders to rise to the challenge of beating the pandemic and building back better, fairer and greener. It will be a busy and important Summit, and I can’t wait to get started. #G7UK

A few hours later his team published another tweet which involved a video. The text of the tweet was

As the world builds back better from coronavirus, Cornwall will lead the way.

And the second half of the video provided these words

Cornwall is going to benefit massively from the G7 summit and we are putting a lot of projects to help stimulate employment, new e-bike schemes, business hubs, and of course supporting apprenticeships like on this amazing green homes construction project. No doubt at all, the G7 is going to be huge value as we build back better and build back greener in Cornwall.

It seems as though the frustrations that have been expressed from local residents for the challenge that emerges in any location which hosts an event like G7 is being overlooked. To imply that houses are being built because of G7 and that his appearance is fairer or greener is either ignorant or one wonders if he is intentionally sticking two fingers up at the whole of the area and the nation because they can link the words to the picture but he doesn’t care! Indeed he is ignoring the fact that his Governments planning arrangements are placing many challenges onto the idea of a Greener construction setting.

No doubt the thousands of people who have come to campaign for a greener UK and a greener world are very frustrated. Along with a significant number of Tory MPs who agree with the MP for West Worthing who was saying on his website a few hours before the tweet appeared from the Prime Minister

I am proud to be part of a cross-party group of MPs standing by our 2019 manifesto promise of 0.7% of our income going towards foreign aid. We ‘proudly’ stood by the promise at the last election. Aid, well directed, makes a great deal of difference in our own interests as well as of those we are helping. The pandemic has hit us hard but we are on the road to recovery. We can’t be properly out of this pandemic until the rest of the world is too.  Long term, we must support the opportunity of stable governments, prosperous economies and open markets, with people being better off and better quality of lives for all. 

This is one of the elements that Johnson has chosen to prevent being resolved even though we are one of the largest economies in the world and he is the Chair of the G7 which includes several other nations that are being much more generous than we are.

We clearly need a much more competent and credible Prime Minister than we currently have.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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