Five years on and where do we need to go?

After 1826 days, today we can acknowledge or perhaps celebrate the impact of our national recommendation for the Government to leave the EU. Although all referenda are legally restricted to simply advise the Government, the 2015 Government made it very clear that they would do what the referendum called for with their guarantee. Indeed many of the people who were supporting our departure such as Michael Gove and Boris Johnson indicated that if we voted to leave, that the action would begin on 24th of June so perhaps we should focus on tomorrow. No doubt some newspapers are today blaming the EU for what has gone wrong over the last five years, and some appear to be setting out a more balanced approach. The piece from the Independent albeit online which is here tells at least two stories. The headline is ‘Negotiating sausages while the world burns’: Brussels can’t move on from Brexit – no matter how hard it tries and it is written by Jon Stone. One story is the failure of our Government to respond to its own side of the deal. The fact that the departure involving the impact on Northern Ireland was fitted out clearly on a two page document still led to a myriad of MPs and Ministers claiming they did not know what was being called out and indeed their slowness in responding over the last 6 months which was set out to enable the provision to be established has still not taken place and our nations team is calling for a wee bit longer. The second half explains how some people in the EU are actually missing us for all we contributed. Of course there are also other issues. One of course is how and when will the Government seek to try to achieve unity across the whole of the UK. As these images show, there are many parts of the UK that did not want to leave. There are also many parts that did want to leave. Ignoring this differential may be the easiest element but given it is now 5 years and our departure is only just beginning to emerge in terms of the negative impacts, some form of communication and attempts to link areas together seems to be something that for me is very important if our UK is to remain in one piece. Another is how will our economy break through the very low glass ceiling that our current challenges are setting into many aspects of our nation. Sadly a deal with Australia and indeed many other nations will never be comparative with the amount of business trade that we have been making with the European nations that are part of, or involved in the EU. Then finally perhaps is the idea of how long our nation can delay what they call once in a lifetime referenda. Would a future Government consider asking us if we can rejoin the EU? The 1975 referendum took place 41 years before the 2016 referendum. Will we need to wait until 2057? or will it be possible for a quicker response. After all our elections have to be repeated at least every 5 years or sooner if the Government seeks to do so?

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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