Ministers claim Protocol rather than Brexit is a problem

The Prime Minister is using twitter to claim that because Germany allows transfer from one part of their nation to another without any barriers that transfers from England, Wales or Scotland to Northern Ireland should therefore be without any barriers. However what he is failing to acknowledge on the same subject is that the Northern Ireland setting is barrier free to Eire and therefore either our nation should either adopt the EU trade arrangements which many of us would welcome or Eire would need to adopt the same situation as the UK. The fact that Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU would make it much harder to take that second argument and of course Eire has no desire to leave the EU. Meanwhile he is claiming that because “Bratwurst going from Dortmund to Düsseldorf” is not experiencing any barriers that he should therefore be allowed to ignore the barriers that he fully agreed would take place between England, Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland when he set out the deal. At the same time on this article and under the image Patrick Daly has stated

Brexit minister Lord David Frost, along with Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis, has warned of damaging peace in Northern Ireland if implementation of the Protocol is not softened

but the problem with this claim is that David Frost and Brandon Lewis along with Boris Johnson know full well that the Protocol which Boris signed up for, is not the problem although of course it is the basis for it. The real problem is that when our nation chose to leave the EU that Northern Ireland and Scotland chose to remain (as did many parts of England such as Brighton and Hove and London along with some parts of Wales). So the only way to protect the Ireland situation would be for the rest of the UK adopt a barrier free issue to the EU which tragically none of the current Government or its predecessor Government contemplated. However if they don’t consider it, they will ultimately be calling for Eire to be treated as third nation approach with the rest of the EU. The other alternative would be for the Ireland situation and the Good Friday Agreement to be torn up which is too disturbing for us to contemplate.

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