Jacob RM wants Freedom – Freddie, James and Albie!

Last night on Radio 4 in the Any Questions programme that is available here, Jacob Rees Mogg who was one of the people taking part made a very clear statement in response to the first question. Although the question was focused on the demand for ID provision for nightclubs under the title of vaccine passports, being a man who regularly goes much further than the questions requires, Jacob did certainly do so on this occasion. As it happened several of the other people who responded were far less satisfied about the ID provision for nightclubs than Rees-Mogg appeared to be. Even so his comments did not fully resolve why the ID system is being expected and will work for the nightclubs. However his extensive response made it very clear that ID is not appropriate in our nation in any other setting. Although he did not state that he was responding to elections the comments were a clear rejection by Jacob Rees-Mogg for ID in voting which is something that nearly 102,000 people have signed up for. The signatures related to the petition that is entitled

Scrap the Voter ID requirement introduced in the Election Integrity Bill

The text for the petition then goes on to say

Starting it the 2023 Local Elections, the government plans to force every UK voter to present ID upon voting. This is a grave breach of the democratic process and will make it harder for those on lower incomes and people of colour to vote, as these groups are less likely to possess an official ID. There were 34 allegations of voter fraud in the 2019 election, and one case of proven fraud. Out of 48 million registered voters. There is no need for us to add an extra layer of bureaucracy and complexity to the voting process. Our elections are the only thing which allow us a true say in our government; voting should be the most open and inclusive process possible.

That was a petition set out by Freddie Mallinson and it is available here for anyone who would like to sign it. Sadly Parliament has chosen not to discuss it again, primarily because that theme was discussed on the 13th July which is available here. Ironically the petition broke over the 100,000 level two days earlier on the 11th July.

When it comes to the nightclubs I have a friend called Albie Saliba who runs the Shooshh nightclub and he may be interested to know about the words that came from Jacob Rees-Mogg and also that a person called James Marsh set out a petition on 23rd July which so far has achieved nearly 300 signatures. The Petition which is available here is entitled

Do not require Covid vaccination passports for crowded events

It goes on to state

Stop plans to require people to show proof of having been double jabbed in order to enter nightclubs and other crowded events. Allow a negative test to be sufficient, letting the discretion of personal choice and responsibility come into play. Introducing the proof of vaccination in order to enter crowded events is taking away our freedom of choice and body autonomy. Giving that people may choose not to have the vaccine for various reasons such as religion or health, it is discriminatory to require this in order to enter crowded events. A negative test a few days and on the day of the event should be sufficient for a democratic country, allowing people to choose what they do with their body.

Sadly I could not find a photograph of James Marsh who has written out this second petition.

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