The Times demonstrates a huge challenge in Government

So this is the piece today from the online version of The Times newspaper and here are some of the words that Oliver Wright produced. He is the Policy Editor and the paper published his words and here are two images. The one on the left with Boris is under a headline and the one on the right was an image of Dominic Raab which included the text under his image. Here are the first few words from the paper and between these three sets of text it is very evident that Johnson and Raab are not people with the same understanding

Boris Johnson said yesterday it had been “clear for many months” that Afghanistan could collapse quickly to the Taliban, appearing to contradict his foreign secretary. Dominic Raab insisted to MPs on Wednesday as he defended his decision to go on holiday during the crisis last month that it had been the “central assessment” of ministers and British intelligence that Kabul was “unlikely” to fall this year. However, the prime minister appeared yesterday to contradict Raab, saying the intelligence had always been clear that the “situation could go very fast”.

PS (late September): Now that Dominic Raab has been set out as the Deputy Prime Minister following the recent changes in the Government it is very clear that they are not a competent group of Ministers.

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