Sussex Foodbanks, I have a suggestion for you

So I appreciate this is a rather radical suggestion but I am writing about it in my blog on Monday that will also appear in the Argus in my column. I was wanting to try to find a way for influencing the Labour MPs and persuading them to work with some of the more flexible Conservative MPs who are based here in Sussex. The work is in an attempt to get the Conservative Government to reverse its appalling decision to cut the Universal Credit by £20 a week. As it happens most of the Labour MPs are arriving here in Brighton and Hove today for their Conference and so on Monday in my welcome for the MPs I am planning to suggest that they travel to other parts of Sussex to visit the Foodbanks and find out what the views are about the Universal Credit reduction. If they were willing to do so, they would be visiting a foodbank in a constituency that is not their own. So my suggestion is that they could contact the local MP who will be based in the constituency because Parliament is now closed to let them know they are visiting their area. If the Conservative MP could visit the same foodbank at the same time, the two or more MPs could seek to find a way to work together in Parliament to end this appalling cut for people whose income is very low and indeed there are many who are already connected to the foodbanks. I realise this is a very radical idea and it may be a surprise to the MPs who read the column on Monday as much as it is to you as foodbanks today. However sometimes we need to try radical ideas.

It is clear that an MP like Jon Trickett who has written this tweet in the last few hours could be a great person to visit one or more of the foodbanks and if he could be invited to visit the Eastbourne Foodbanks such as the one my friend Howard Wardle operates that would be very useful in itself. Even more fantastic if Caroline Ansell would be willing to meet him and if the two of them along with Howard could discuss the issue and then perhaps Caroline could change her view about the UC cut. Another Foodbank I am aware of is in Uckfield which is run by my friend Lorraine. If some Labour MPs would be willing to travel over to Uckfield early next week to meet Lorraine I would imagine that Nusrat Ghani could be invited to the same visit and she along with Caroline could be persuaded to call on their party to change its position.

I realise this is radical and unexpected, but it would be fantastic if we could get the Government to change its position on this issue.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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