Thanks for your Sussex question Jenny Randerson

Yesterday in the House of Lords a written question from Jenny Randerson was responded to by Charlotte Vere on the theme of the Barcombe Bridge. The question related to the infilling of it and there are a significant number of people who want it to remain unfilled. Charlotte once sought to get elected in our constitution before she became a member of the House of Lords, so she has some familiarity of Sussex. She is now the Parliamentary Under Secretary for the Department for Transport. Jenny Randerson is the Liberal Democratic Transport Spokesperson and so although she is based in Wales she was clearly concerned abut the East Sussex issue. So here is the question and answer. Let us hope that the additional input that Charlotte referred to that is coming into National Highways through their newly created Stakeholder Advisory Forum will include local views from Lewes District. Indeed perhaps we could persuade Charlotte to identify where the Stakeholder Advisory Forum is based and who are the members?

Jenny: To ask Her Majesty’s Government what discussions they have had with Highways England regarding the (1) ecological, (2) environmental, and (3) heritage, impact of the proposed infilling of Barcombe Bridge in East Sussex; what alternatives have been considered to infilling; and why is the infilling being progressed using development powers rather than a planning application.

Charlotte: There are no current plans to infill Barcombe Bridge. All infilling and demolition work on the Historical Railways Estate, including Barcombe Bridge, has been paused while National Highways review their programme and seek additional input through the newly created Stakeholder Advisory Forum.

National Highways will fully consult the Local Planning Authority at an appropriate official level irrespective of whether or not Permitted Development Rights already exist. These discussions would be documented prior to the commencement of any proposed works.

National Highways has been engaging with Transport for the South East, Lewes and Eastbourne District Council and East Sussex County Council over the safe maintenance of the bridge. Specific engagement with Lewes and Eastbourne District Council has occurred over the past 18 months and is ongoing.

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