Bring it on and contain your impatience says Johnson

Yesterday the first person to speak during the Prime Minister’s Questions was Wendy Chamberlain who is the MP for North East Fife which is a position she achieved at 2019. She is the Liberal Democratic MP and serving as Chief Whip of the Liberal Democrats and is also the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Scotland and Wales since 2020, and the Deputy Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats since 2021. Her words were a very clear call to the Prime Minister.

WC: Last year, we were told by the Prime Minister that there were no Downing Street parties. Then it turned out that there were parties, but we were assured that no rules were broken. Last week, we heard that rules may have been broken, but that he thought it was a work event. Yesterday, from the man who wrote the rules, we heard, “Well, nobody told me what those rules were.” Five weeks ago, the people of North Shropshire were clear, and the people of North East Fife are being clear to me now: no matter the excuse, there is no excuse for taking the British people for fools. Does the Prime Minister agree that it is now time for him to resign?

PM: No, but as I said to the House last week, I apologise sincerely for any misjudgments that were made. The hon. Lady must contain her impatience and wait for the inquiry next week before drawing any of the conclusions she has just asserted.

Then the leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer stated a couple of statements, neither of which led to a meaningful response from Johnson

KS: First, the Prime Minister said there were no parties. Then the video landed, blowing that defence out of the water. Next, he said he was sickened and furious when he found out about the parties, until it turned out that he himself was at the Downing Street garden party. Then, last week, he said he did not realise he was at a party and—surprise, surprise—no one believed him. So this week he has a new defence: “Nobody warned me that it was against the rules.” That is it—nobody told him! Since the Prime Minister wrote the rules, why on earth does he think his new defence is going to work for him?

Not only did the Prime Minister write the rules, but some of his staff say they did warn him about attending the party on 20 May 2020. I have heard the Prime Minister’s very carefully crafted response to that accusation; it almost sounds like a lawyer wrote it, so I will be equally careful with my question. When did the Prime Minister first become aware that any of his staff had concerns about the 20 May party?

Then later on David Davis stated which again did not receive any meaningful from Johnson

Like many on the Government Benches, I have spent weeks and months defending the Prime Minister against often angry constituents. I have reminded them of his success in delivering Brexit and the vaccines, and many other things. But I expect my leaders to shoulder the responsibility for the actions they take. Yesterday the Prime Minister did the opposite of that, so I will remind him of a quotation that will be altogether too familiar to him. Leo Amery said to Neville Chamberlain: “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing… In the name of God, go”

The Prime Minister did not make a “Bring it On” comment during his Questions but the Sky piece is available here and perhaps in due course we will see something more meaningful from him as he prepares to leave Downing Street.

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