An excellent call from Loughton – refused by Patel

On Thursday during the debate with the Refugees from Ukraine, Tim Loughton who is the MP for East Worthing and Shoreham made a very clear call to his political party that is running the Government. His request was very clear and it made enormous amount of sense. Sadly he was refused by the Government for no good reason. He even asked Priti Patel if he was wrong and she simply ignored that question and explained based on her own appalling call that he was clearly wrong in her response.

Loughton: I welcome the measures announced today. They will be coming in next Tuesday, but could not the Home Secretary today suspend the carrier liability duty for Ukrainian passport holders presenting at Krakow or Warsaw airports to come to the UK so that they can have the checks done in a secure setting here and be granted at least a visitor’s visa? Or could she not remove Ukraine from the list of excluded countries so that they could come here in the same way as an American tourist and be granted a visitor’s visa, subject to checks being carried out in a secure setting? Am I wrong?

Patel: As ever, my hon. Friend is making practical suggestions, but I am afraid that those checks cannot be suspended. There has already been work across Government to look at the carrier liability aspect. It is the electronic authorisation to travel that we are speeding up through this digital system, so that once the individual receives the authorisation, they can go straight to a port, show they have authorisation to travel and then board a train or plane to get the United Kingdom. We cannot make any other travel changes on that basis because of the wider implications that that has for other carriers.

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