Will an MP introduce Mark Spencer to Angus Rose?

Today is the last day of Parliament until 19th of April and one of the pieces in todays activities within Parliament is the Business Questions to the Leader of the House who is Mark Spencer. As we can see Angus Rose whose photograph took place yesterday by the Independent Newspaper as part of their piece which is available here is now on day 17 of his hunger strike which has taken place outside of the House of Commons. There is no indication from the Hansard information that his strike or indeed his campaign has been raised within Parliament. He is clearly calling for a Climate Action to be introduced into our Nation by the Government and by Parliament. As it happens back on the 24th March in response to a written question from Rachel Hopkins about Sri Lanka, Vicky Ford, a Government Minister stated

We are supporting Sri Lanka through the new 7 year Climate Action for a Resilient Asia (CARA) programme.

And on the same day there was a statement made by another Government Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan on the theme of Canada Trade Policy Update and she stated

Further, these negotiations provide a valuable opportunity to pursue high ambition in areas of mutual interest including, championing, and supporting women’s economic empowerment through trade, updating our digital trade package, promoting innovation, and supporting our role as a global leader in climate action.

As it happens two days earlier, Ben Lake who is a Plaid Cymru MP stated under the heading of Shared Prosperity Fund (Wales) Bill

To end, it is only by devolving the management and administration of the shared prosperity fund that we can hope to bring about a transformational programme that will meet our societal, economic and climate action responsibilities.

On the day earlier which was the 21st March Alok Sharma responded to a question from Barry Sheerman on the theme of COP26 and Sharma included this sentence

Under the UK’s Presidency, 95% of the largest developed country climate finance providers made new commitments, with many doubling or even quadrupling their support for developing countries to take climate action.

It is clear that Ministers and indeed other MPs are willing to raise the phrase of Climate Action, so perhaps today in preparation for what will take place when Parliament reopens on the 19th April, that someone can raise this theme with Mark Spencer so that there will be a meaningful discussion and indeed the opportunity for proposals to emerge before the end of April? Indeed three weeks after Parliament re-emerges from Easter on the 6th May there is due to be the second reading of two Bills that Caroline Lucas has developed and that have been set out nearly two years ago. They are

Decarbonisation and Economic Strategy Bill


Climate and Ecology Bill

Perhaps Mark Spencer could call for these two Bills to be read and indeed for them to then be sent through into Parliament in a more effective way than the two years delay so far. If Mark Spencer could call for that to happen today perhaps Angus Rose could go home and have some confidence that his campaign has been effective!

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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