An appalling decision by our disgraceful Government

So the current Government of our nation was elected in 2019 and their manifesto made a very clear statement regarding Asylum Seekers. It is now about to be reversed and an appalling action to make our nation look completely incompetent throughout the world. As Simon Jones has announced in his tweet

Controversial plans to send asylum seekers thousands of miles from Kent to Rwanda to have their claims heard will be unveiled by the government today. Refugee groups say it’s unethical and unworkable.

The news emerged in a number of other settings including the Evening Standard which states here

The Government will announce multi-million pound plans for asylum seekers who cross the Channel in small boats to be flown for processing to Rwanda. Home Secretary Priti Patel is expected to sign a deal with the East African nation during a visit on Thursday, with people seeking sanctuary in the UK to be sent more than 4,000 miles. Some of those who make the perilous crossing of the Channel, as well as by other means deemed “illegal” by the Government, would be sent to Rwanda while their claims are assessed “offshore”. An initial £120 million is expected to be given to the Rwandan government under a trial scheme, which is being criticised by refugee charities as a “cruel and nasty decision” that will fail to address the issue and “lead to more human suffering and chaos”. Asylum seekers who remain in the UK while their claims are considered could be housed in stricter reception centres under the plans. The first will reportedly open in the village of Linton-on-Ouse, in North Yorkshire.

The Conservative manifesto published in October 2019 stated very clearly albeit very briefly

We will continue to grant asylum and support to refugees fleeing persecution, with the ultimate aim of helping them to return home if it is safe to do so.

Of course given how much our Prime Minister is willing to reverse his own calls for COVID, it is clear that he is very happy to break even more promises and rules.

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