An important debate due this morning

According to this document from “They Work for You” which is shown here the Fossil fuel extraction which is being organised by Caroline Lucas is due to take place this morning. These lists are often changed or amended quite significantly. Up above it is the General debate for Ukraine and it is clearly equally very important. However the rather surprising element is that yesterday there was a debate on Ukraine that took place even though the “Today’s Business” yesterday did not include any reference to Ukraine. It will be very interesting to see if Ukraine is debated again today. However the Fossil fuel extraction is due to take place today and that should certainly take place. A few days ago on twitter Caroline published this

I’ve secured a debate in Parliament next week on fossil fuel extraction We desperately need a #fossiltreaty to ensure we keep fossil fuels in the ground, and reclaim our future for generations to come Looking forward to discussing with MPs on all sides

And so far over 2,000 people liked that on twitter. As it happens there have been other MPs who have mentioned the theme in the recent past. Back on the 24th March, Wera Hobhouse was asking this question during the Business of the House debate and as so often happens the response was to ignore that question. Here is the text of her question:

Will the Government make time to debate the national planning policy framework, focusing especially on decisions that directly contravene our binding net zero targets such as the decisions on the expansion of Bristol airport or new fossil fuel extraction at Horse Hill and in Cumbria?

Three days earlier Alan Brown who is a SNP MP mentioned this text during this debate

The hon. Gentleman is not comparing like with like. Cambo means more fossil fuel extraction, and there needs to be a proper assessment to establish whether this could be done in a way that is compatible with net zero.

Back on the 19th November Jamie Stone asked this question

To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, what assessment he has made of the potential merits of tightening the definition of what counts as a new fossil fuel extraction project for the purposes of ensuring the effectiveness of the Government’s climate compatibility checkpoint.

A couple of times last year after the Summer Wera Hobhouse raised the same theme and on one occasion so did Caroline. So let us hope that Wera participates in the debate today and that Jamie Stone and Alan Brown will be able to speak today. We look forward to what the debate manages to achieve. Wera and Jamie are both Liberal Democratic MPs and Alan is an SNP and Caroline is of course a Green MP who is also my MP here in Brighton. Let us hope that the Labour and Conservative MPs will also participate!

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