Today is a significant Sussex Day – lots of opportunities

For those of us in Sussex, today is a significant day. There will be a great deal of events and celebrations taking place. Along with the various details below which are just a small number of the opportunities, let us hope that some or perhaps all of the 16 Sussex MPs will also raise the theme in the House of Commons today. As it happened, two weeks ago I did call for the four Sussex based Government Ministers to do so on this which was also in the Argus Column. The call for the Sussex day is:

Let it be known: the 16 June of each and every year shall be known as Sussex Day.

Sussex day shall be celebrated according to the rites and traditions of Sussex.

Let it be known all the people of Sussex shall be responsible for the maintenance of those boundaries that join to those of our neighbours.

Let it be known all the people of Sussex shall be responsible for all the environs within those boundaries.

Let it be known, the people of Sussex shall recognise the inshore waters that lie inside a line drawn from Beachy Head, and extending to Selsey Bill as being, the Bay of Sussex.

Let it be known, the people of Sussex will undertake responsibility for the general well being of our neighbours.

Let it be known the people of Sussex shall be guardians of our wildlife.

Let it be known the people of Sussex will, through custom support all local business.

Finally, let it be known, as guardians of Sussex, we all know Sussex is Sussex … and Sussex won’t be druv!

In God we trust.

God Save the Queen!

There is a piece on this website which explains about the day – Sussex Day is an annual holiday celebrating the rich heritage and culture of the English historic county of Sussex. It is observed on June 16 since it is the feast day of Saint Richard of Chichester, the patron saint of Sussex. Sussex is a historic county in South East England, bordered by Hampshire, Surrey, and Kent. In 1974, it was divided into the ceremonial counties of East Sussex and West Sussex according to the Local Government Act 1972. Since the two ceremonial counties have a common history and shared cultural heritage, Sussex Day is celebrated in both of them.”

This is also a piece here from Seaford Council – “Seaford Town Council will be holding a short ceremony on Thursday 16th June, near the Martello Tower on Seaford seafront in honour of Sussex Day. Sussex Day is the county day for the historic county of Sussex and is traditionally observed on 16 June each year to celebrate the rich heritage and culture of Sussex. The event takes place on St Richard’s Day, the feast day of St Richard of Chichester, Sussex’s patron saint. The date marks the anniversary of the translation of St Richard’s body from its original burial place in the nave of Chichester Cathedral to an elaborate shrine at the Cathedral on 16 June 1276. The idea of Sussex Day originally came from a Worthing resident who suggested it to the leader of West Sussex County Council in 2006. Sussex Day was first officially recognised in 2007. At 12 noon, on Thursday 16 June 2022, Seaford Town Crier, Peter White, will cry ‘TheSussex Day Cry’ followed by a more humorous Seaford version! The Deputy Mayor of Seaford will then raise the Sussex flag next to the Lifeguards huts near the Martello Kiosk and everyone will have the opportunity to join in with the singing of ‘Sussex by the Sea’. Song sheets will be available!

And then there is this piece from the Weald and Downland website – “The Weald & Dowland Museum is a regional Museum, and includes buildings from Sussex which will be a particular focus on this special day. Join us on Sussex Day 2022 to find out more about every day life, food and crafts. There will be demonstrations relating to the more recent past of Sussex in the early 20th century. Also listen to music and dance, a traditional part of many celebrations! We are proud to be celebrating #SussexDay and playing our part in conserving the historical architecture and social history of our ancestors within the county of Sussex.”

And finally there is a piece on this website for a Visit to Brighton

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