An interesting Q&A for Eastbourne Railway provision

On Thursday several MPs spoke about a theme called the Modernisation of the Railway which was being responded by Grant Shapps. The first two MPs that opened the issue up were both Conservatives, one was the MP for Fylde, Mark Menzies and the other was Caroline Ansell who is the MP for Eastbourne. All of the questions and answers can be obtained from here but the question at the beginning was asked by both of those MPs and then they both asked a following question. So here is the initial question from Caroline and the following answer she raised that focused on Eastbourne.

Caroline Ansell: What steps he is taking to modernise the UK’s railways.

Grant Shapps: The Government are delivering on the reforms set out in the Williams-Shapps plan for rail, making passengers’ journeys easier, more reliable and more affordable.

Caroline Ansell: It was game, set and match Eastbourne last week, at the conclusion of our pre-Wimbledon tournament. That international event puts us on the map as a visitor destination, with its global coverage, but our great potential is wrapped up with our transport links. In that light, what progress has been made with Network Rail’s proposals to extend high-speed services to Eastbourne to enhance those links to the continent, London and the north?

Grant Shapps: My hon. Friend serves her constituents incredibly well. Again, a strategic outline business plan for high-speed services from St Pancras to Eastbourne is in, and I can confirm that the status of the project will be updated very shortly, in the rail network enhancements pipeline

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