The UK and USA are both facing leadership credibility

Although Boris Johnson is about to step down as Prime Minister in the UK and that currently Donald Trump is not the President, the fact that both of these men were the Nations leaders and given how at one time the UK and USA were judged to be very highly credible nations it is very disturbing. The latest challenge being focused on Trump and the current situation for Johnson is very concerning. The BBC piece on Trump is based here and it begins with this title and this first few words.

Donald Trump refuses to answer questions in New York investigation

By Bernd Debusmann Jr

Former US President Donald Trump has declined to answer questions as part of a New York state investigation into his family’s business practices.

Mr Trump had sued in an effort to block the interview at the New York attorney general’s office on Wednesday.

State officials accuse the Trump Organization of misleading authorities about the value of its assets in order to get favourable loans and tax breaks.

Mr Trump denies wrongdoing and has called the civil probe a witch hunt.

The situation for Boris Johnson is available from a number of sources. Back at the end of July there was this piece in the ITV News which stated that “Boris Johnson could be removed as MP if found to have misled Parliament, speaker confirms” and it goes on to say

Boris Johnson could face a by-election which could cause him to lose his seat in Parliament if the Privileges Committee probe finds he misled MPs with his Partygate scandal explanations. The prime minister, who will leave 10 Downing Street before the probe into his conduct concludes, is being investigated by the Committee to see if he committed contempt of Parliament by lying to MPs with claims Covid rules were always followed in government.

The more recent piece shown above in Bing is available here and one of the current events is from Independent news that can be seen here which begins with the headline “Liz Truss says she would vote to shut down investigation into whether Boris Johnson misled parliament” and it goes on to start to say

Liz Truss has said that she would vote to shut down an investigation into whether Boris Johnson lied to parliament – but downplayed the likelihood of the probe being stopped. The outgoing prime minister is facing a probe by the Privileges Committee over what he said in the Commons about his lockdown partying and lawbreaking.

So as we face our own Nation from gaining a new leader within the Conservative Party and as both of our Nations will see new Elections in 2024 that could both take place towards the end of those years it seems vital that our Nation will get a radical change and a non Conservative arrangement and it is vital that Donald Trump is not allowed to stand as the next President. We then need to see some major changes in both of our Nations or else there will need to be other Nations that will take up a significant role in the World. Perhaps the European Union will be one of them?

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