A vital call from David Attenborough and a few others

Here is a call from David Attenborough which emerged this morning in twitter. Two of the people who promoted it were Chris Chalk and Judith Bognor. The text on this image is very interesting and it is always fascinating to explore if our MPs or people in our House of Lords have similar thoughts. Looking for the the phrase “Share the Planet” in the context of the same theme that David Attenborough has raised. The first MP to do so was Tony Banks, the Labour MP who back in 1996 finished this statement with these words

Unregulated trade, trade which has no concern for animal resources, is not the sort of trade that I, and I suspect other hon. Members, or Britain want. We want trade and prosperity, but it must be in sympathy with other life forms, particularly the animal life forms with which we are privileged to share the planet.

Then in 2003 the Baroness Elizabeth Symons (of Vernham Dean) was speaking in a theme of Animal Welfare and she stated

Your Lordships will have heard recent discussion about cat and dog fur and there is also debate about seal skins and laying hens. A number of different issues arise which concern not just animal welfare but also, as the right reverend Prelate said, the ways in which we as human beings share the planet with our fellow creatures.

Then in 2014 in the Scottish Parliament the Conservative Alex Ferguson made this statement

The animal kingdom has every bit as much a right to inhabit this planet as we do. We share the planet. We have an added responsibility, which, as the motion points out, is to ensure that our animals enjoy the “best possible welfare standards” that we can provide.

A few years later in 2017 as part of the debate about the Queens Speech, the Crossbench Lord Ronald Oxborough made this statement

 Our actions today are making the prospects of future generations very bleak, both for the people and for the plants and animals with which we share the planet and which make the planet habitable for us. Today, I wish to focus on the consequences of the deluge of greenhouse gases that is largely produced by the burning of fossil fuels and released into the atmosphere. 

Finally on the following year in 2018 my MP Caroline Lucas stated this as part of the Agriculture Bill

Over the past 50 years, through the intensification of agriculture, we have lost much of our nature and wildlife. I pay real tribute to Chris Packham and the wonderful march for nature that he organised a few weeks ago in London, where thousands of people marched through the city to demand that we change how we manage the land to protect the species with which we are fortunate enough to share the planet.

So perhaps when Parliament reopens Caroline and hopefully some other MPs will be willing to raise this theme for our Nation and the World.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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