Some of our Sussex MPs commented in Parliament

Today is very significant for our Nation with the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II which is an event that will be observed by many people on this unplanned bank holiday. Many people would use a bank holiday to go shopping or to take part in events but most of those opportunities are not possible today because of this focus. Inevitably this very recent event has impacted many people, some of which have found it very challenging. The Liberal Democrat Conference that was due to take place here in Brighton and Hove has been cancelled and indeed the debates due to take place in Parliament last week were closed down. Because the Conference is not taking place this week, some of the actions due for last week will now take place this week. That will include an opportunity on Wednesday “to enable Members who wish to do so to take the oath” and there are plans for Thursday and we have been informed that there is a session on Friday for a Budget proposal which will hopefully take into account the current cost of living crisis for many of us in our nation. One assumes that the Labour and Conservative Conferences will then take place in Liverpool and Birmingham in the following two weeks and then Parliament is due to open on Tuesday the 11th of October. Let us hope that whatever is raised this Friday and indeed if elements are missed, that there will be opportunities for very meaningful debates and discussions to take place from mid-October onward.

As some of us focus on today’s event it is interesting to know that some of our local MPs have spoken in Parliament about the death of the Queen. It is also interesting to read responses from other agencies who have published statements. A religious group that I receive messages from, referred to the death of the Queen and her funeral and they also stated

Millions are processing death and grief while others face the uncertain winter because of rising energy costs. This is a moment for the UK church to remember the biblical mandate to be a witness for Christ, walk closely with those in desperate need and call for systemic change.

This came from the Evangelical Alliance group written by a person called Alicia Edmund. Another source that I received a message from was West Sussex Council that stated “We join the nation in mourning the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” and then went on to comment that

Rescheduled council meetings, We postponed formal meetings as a mark of respect for the period of national mourning. From Tuesday all meetings will be held as usual

So it is clear that Councils as well as Parliament and other agencies have been impacted by the tragic death of the Queen and it may take some time for events to be rescheduled. On the two days after the death there were

Tributes to Her Late Majesty The Queen

and a few of our local MPs spoke in Parliament. The first person who spoke on Friday was Peter Bottomley after the Prime Minister and Labour leader with “My constituents will wish me briefly to record their love and respect for, and gratitude to, Her late Majesty.” Caroline Lucas spoke with

It is a privilege to speak on behalf of the Green party of England and Wales and pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Above all else, she was a mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother. I know I speak for the people of Brighton, Pavilion when I offer my sincerest condolences

Then Huw Merriman said “I rise at this sombre time to represent my constituents in East Sussex to send our condolences to the royal family” Caroline Ansell was next “I rise to extend the love and heartfelt condolences being expressed in Eastbourne and Willingdon” Then Sally-Ann Hart said

On behalf of the people of Hastings and Rye, I express our sadness and grief at the death of our beloved sovereign Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

On Saturday Mims Davies said “I rise to express my deep condolences and those of my Mid Sussex constituents to the royal family” and Gillian Keegan included “I rise today to express the love, gratitude and respect that all those who live in the Chichester constituency have for our late Queen.” Henry Smith began with

Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker, for allowing me this opportunity to express respect, sorrow and thanks to Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on behalf of my constituents in Crawley, myself and my family.

The final person was Nusrat Ghani who included

I want to start by expressing my deepest sympathies to His Majesty the King and the entire royal family, on behalf of my family and the loyal constituents of Wealden.

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