A very lovely Wedding in an amazing location

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the wedding of a lady who I and my family have known since she was born to our friends. Their family is based in Brighton although the new wife has been living in London for many years, She married a very nice person that we have met in the past. Because of the work that he and his father have done as Civil Servants for the Government the couple were invited to hold their wedding in the Lady Chapel of Westminster Abbey which was the same building where the Queens funeral took place a few days ago.

One of the very challenging contexts yesterday was because the Abbey is located in the Westminster area. Yesterday thousands of demonstrators arrived who marched through London from different areas campaigning to the Government (which was of course based in Birmingham yesterday) for Anti-lockdown and Climate Change issues. Most of us had arrived in the Abbey before most of the demonstration people had arrived. However sadly when the bride and her Father and the seven bridesmaids who included her sister and my daughter arrived, the campaigning was reaching its peak and they were unable to travel close to the Chapel by vehicles and so they had to walk through the campaigning area. While the wedding took place we could hear the campaign because the Lady Chapel is close to road that is across from the House of Parliament.

The wedding was very nice and indeed the location was lovely and we had the privilege of the Address being made by James Jones who was previously the Bishop of Liverpool and I had the opportunity to meet him after the wedding before we left the premises. James Jones was someone who had worked with the Father of the husband in the past in carrying out some engagement with the Government.

After the wedding we left Westminster Abbey in order to travel along the Thames river to the Navel College which was an amazing location and before we eat our evening food we had an opportunity to spend some time in the painted hall which is shown above. However in order to reach the River Cruise we had to walk across the campaigning setting which was very interesting. Earlier in the day we were also needed to travel to London by car because there were no trains operating yesterday. So we travelled with two other visitors to reduce the necessity for too many vehicles. It was a very fascinating day which included the privilege of the wedding, the locations that were invited to and the travel along the Thames and of course the opportunity to observe the campaigns that sadly Liz Truss and her colleagues did not observe themselves. We also met a significant number of Police Officers around the Westminster area during the day who were very nice in their responses to the people we were with.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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