Avoiding the question, ducking responsibility in PMQ

Yesterday was the first Prime Ministers Questions (PMQ) session since Elizabeth Truss became our latest nations Prime Minister. Her first question in her new role came from Graham Stringer who is the Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton and he asked this question which was the way to start these events “If she will list her official engagements for Wednesday 12 October.” and one part of her response was the comment “This Saturday marks the first anniversary of the senseless murder of our friend Sir David Amess.” Graham then asked his second question which was

I knew Sir David, and I share the Prime Minister’s sentiments completely.

Spooking the markets, increasing the cost of borrowing and mortgages, was almost certainly an act of gross incompetence rather than malevolence, but going back on the commitment to end no-fault evictions is an act of extreme callousness. Can the Prime Minister reassure the 11 million private renters in this country that she will fulfil that commitment?

And her total response was “I can.” The next person was Julian Sturdy from the Conservative Party and after his question and her answer the next person was Keir Starmer who stated the following question after two other comments

May I join the Prime Minister in her comments about Sir David? She spoke for the whole House when she made those comments. I know how deeply his loss was felt on the Government Benches, and we extend our best wishes across the House at this important time.

I also want to send my heartfelt condolences to the families of all those who tragically lost their lives in Creeslough last week. Donegal is a special place for my family and me, and across the House. The people there are in all our thoughts.

This morning the Business Secretary toured the television studios arguing that the turmoil in the markets had nothing to do with the Prime Minister’s Budget. Does the Prime Minister agree with him?

And the response from the Prime Minister was

We have taken decisive action to make sure that people are not facing energy bills of £6,000 for two years. We remember that the Opposition are only talking about six months. We have also taken decisive action to make sure that we are not facing the highest taxes for 70 years in the face of a global economic slowdown. We are making sure that we protect our economy at this very difficult time internationally. As a result of our action—this has been independently corroborated—we will see higher growth and lower inflation.

It was very understandable why Keir began his next question with this response “Avoiding the question, ducking responsibility, lost in denial—it is no wonder investors have no confidence in her Government.” It would appear that given this was her first formal response from a question from the leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer that she is not willing to speak in a conventional way on her first event!

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