The very disturbing response from a dishonest MP

Yesterday after Liz Truss had resigned, several news sources led to MP members of the Conservative Party that seem willing to claim that given that Johnson had resigned back in July that now he should return as their Prime Minister and he would be a good leader. Thankfully there were also a number of the Conservative members who rejected this call and pointed out that his resignation was for his many mistakes and his dishonesty. However his supportive newspaper Telegraph was willing to get Ben Riley-Smith to write this article. Let us hope that in due course they will be willing to explain why Johnson finally resigned after many months of concerns that had emerged across our nation and involved a significant number of Conservatives as well as many of us who are not involved in that party. Here is his text from that piece last night.

Boris Johnson is privately urging Conservative MPs to back him for a dramatic return to Downing Street with a pledge that only he can win the Tories the next election.

The former prime minister is pressing Rishi Sunak to reach out and “get back together” in a remarkable olive branch after their public falling out at the top of government.

Mr Sunak was pulling narrowly ahead of Mr Johnson among Tory MP nominations on Thursday night in a bid to claim the leadership victory he missed last month. 

Liz Truss quit on Thursday after just 44 days in Number 10, accepting the near total collapse of support among colleagues and becoming the shortest serving prime minister in British history.

In an 89-second resignation speech in Downing Street, Ms Truss admitted: “I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.”

The battle to replace her is already raging, with Tory MPs declaring for Mr Sunak, Mr Johnson and Penny Mordaunt, the House of Commons leader.

Mr Sunak was leading on 29 Tory MP declarations on Thursday night, followed by 24 for Mr Johnson and 11 for Ms Mordaunt.

More candidates are weighing a launch but time is limited. Only MPs who secure nominations from 100 of the close to 360 Tory MPs will make it into the first round.

The hopefuls have until 2pm on Monday to gather the numbers. The final two candidates – if there are two who get above the threshold  – will go to a members’ vote, with a winner declared next Friday.

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