Churches could ask MPs to support important themes

In the past I have visited a number of Churches that have often prayed for the Government and Parliament and their local Councils and asked for good outcomes to emerge from their involvement. I have also had the opportunity occasionally to meet MPs and Councillors who have attended their local Churches and who have been able to hear those prayers and also that have been corresponded on other occasions. It would be fantastic if we could call for our local MPs to endorse themes that we support. One of these possible theme settings is focused on all MPs that are not part of the Government. The Early Day Motions can be seen here and there are a number which have been signed in the past by several hundred MPs and that has led to the Government to respond. In the last few weeks a significant number of the pieces have emerged and it would be great if we could ask our MP if they are not a Minister to respond to them.

One of them is very significant for us as Christians. It was set out by Jim Shannon from Northern Ireland last Monday. It is available here and its title is Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Sadly there are currently only 4 MPs that have signed it so far and 3 of them are from Northern Ireland. However on Monday and Tuesday of this coming week other MPs could do so.

On the same day that Jim set out his document another one was launched by Kirsten Oswald who is a Scottish MP. The piece is entitled 80th anniversary of acknowledgement of Holocaust in the House of Commons which related specifically to yesterday (17th December). However it would be great if some more MPs could endorse it. The document is here and currently it has 51 MPs who have endorsed it. There are 41 SNP MPs that have signed it and two other Scottish MPs. There are three Welsh MPs and one Northern Ireland MP. The 4 English MPs are two Labour and two Conservative MPs so clearly a lot more could respond.

Two other documents I have spotted are The Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill which my own MP, Caroline Lucas wrote up in the week before last week and she currently has a total of 26 additional signatures. On the same week another MP Zarah Sultana wrote Free School Meals For All campaign which currently has 45 other MP signatures. There are of course many other significant documents and it would be great for us to inspire our MPs to respond if we approve of them.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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