Infected blood inquiry is expected to conclude next year

At the end of Parliament this year a discussion took place on the final Thursday. It appears that next year after six years of process the Infected Blood Inquiry that was set out by the Prime Minister will finally be completed. It was explained by Jeremy Quin who is the MP for Horsham and he was organising the debate when he said “I took over as the Minister sponsoring the inquiry on 25 October.” and he stated “In July 2017 my right hon. Friend Mrs May established the infected blood inquiry, chaired by Sir Brian Langstaff.” He also went on with the section

While I have been aware of this issue for many years, as have so many of us who have been contacted by affected constituents, undertaking this role has further impressed on me its scale and gravity—not only the direct, dreadful consequences for victims, but the stigma and trauma experienced by many of those infected, by their families, and by those who care for them. I recognise that, tragically, we continue to see victims of infected blood die prematurely, and I also recognise that time is of the essence. I commend the work of the all-party parliamentary group on haemophilia and contaminated blood. I am pleased to have met the co-chairs, Dame Diana Johnson and the Father of the House, my hon. Friend Sir Peter Bottomley, and I am grateful for their insight.

Diana Johnson is the Labour MP for Kingston upon Hull North and Peter Bottomley is the Conservative MP for Worthing West. Diana Johnson did not speak during the debate but Peter Bottomley did and he began with

I welcome the Minister coming to make an oral statement. We know that both he and the Leader of the House have been deeply involved in this issue over the months and years. Dame Diana Johnson is the most powerful advocate trying to hold Government to account and to get them to come forward. I think she will want to write—and I will happily join her—a whole series of detailed questions to the Minister, some of which he may be able to answer now. For others, he may have to say what conditions need to be met for them to be answered.

Peter did say some more elements but the response from Jeremy Quin included

in response to the Father of the House, I have greatly appreciated spending time with him and Dame Diana Johnson, who has been a tireless campaigner on this, as has the entire all-party parliamentary group on haemophilia and contaminated blood. I very much appreciated the time they spent with me.

Let us see what emerges next year!

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