Could all Councils endorse the Chichester City decision?

The twitter image on the left which emerged a few hours ago indicated that Chichester City Council has voted to approve the Proportional Representation in Westminster Elections. It is clearly a very powerful response and Chichester City Council needs our support. I have had the privilege of visiting Chichester City Council in the past. I have a great deal of support for them. The tweet was published by @Councils4PR which which is entitled Councils for Proportional Representation and the text of their tweet is “Our goal is to encourage councils to pass motions supporting the use of Proportional Representation in UK General Elections” and the text of their tweet is

Chichester City Council has voted for the use of PR in Westminster Elections! Thanks to Green Councillor Polly Gaskin for proposing the motion & to the local @LibDems @UKLabour & @TheGreenParty Councillors for supporting it. Thanks also to @GreenCllrs for flagging this up to us!

The other image comes from the Councils for PR section on Facebook and what is very significant about that is that the Rother Council has endorsed the same theme as the Chichester City Council. I have had the privilege of working with Rother Council in the past, just as I have been involved with Chichester Council. So we have two Sussex Councils that have endorsed Proportional Representation.

I am delighted that Polly Gaskin at Chichester and Rother Council have both proposed it and we now need Brighton and Hove Council to endorse it. Indeed it would be fantastic if all Green and Labour and Liberal Democrat Councils will sign this call. I have written a number of blog pieces for Proportional Representation which included this most recent very back in October that can be found here and as it happens my piece for the blog I am publishing on Monday that will occur in the Brighton based The Argus newspaper.

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