A vital meeting on Monday for UK and EU trade items

A few days ago the Institute of Engineering and Technology published a piece under the headline of UK and EU strike trade data-sharing deal which can be found from here. The person who wrote is is Beatriz Valero de Urquia and it focuses on the conversations and agreements that have taken place recently. The initial text is

The EU has been granted access to a new British database providing real-time information on goods going from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, in what has been deemed as a step towards a broader Brexit deal. After meeting in London, UK foreign secretary James Cleverly and European Commission vice president Maroš Šefčovič announced an agreement had been reached on the “way forward regarding the specific question of the EU’s access to UK IT systems.” The meeting was described as “cordial and constructive” in a joint statement, and it was widely perceived as a significant step towards the improvement of UK-EU relations and the unlocking of the Northern Ireland protocol. 

Later on in the piece there was the information that on Monday A meeting has been arranged to resolve the issues that have been identified as not resolved so far and also to reach a final solution. The gaps are apparently including “customs declarations, safety and security declarations and ferry manifests” but the document has also identified that there are elements that are not recognised yet which include “agreement on customs, plant, animal and food checks and the role of the European court of justice – that reportedly remain unsolved.” so let us hope that if they do not get covered on Monday that a subsequent meeting will take place because the claim is that

Both sides are reportedly aiming to resolve the dispute by 10 April, the anniversary of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement. This is also the deadline that the Northern Ireland secretary Chris Heaton-Harris himself set to call fresh elections for the Northern Ireland assembly.

Given that the 10th April is my Birthday I hope that by that date all of these issues will get resolved. One of the Labour MPs who is focusing on Northern Ireland is our Hove MP Peter Kyle so perhaps he can assist these gaps being raised if they are not covered on Monday.

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